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Google IO 2016: Google places with all of – SPIEGEL ONLINE

The atmosphere was a bit like an open-air concert. Before we started spilled La-Ola-waves through the audience, at the entrance of suntan lotion, sunglasses and headscarves were distributed. There was a rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere, as they are not expected from a conference in which it comes to software, the Internet and some nice gadgets.

Nearly two hours presented Google’s top executives and new technologies new devices with which they want to attack the competition. Many startlingly recalled products, of which they had heard elsewhere.

An innovation mentioned Google CEO Sundar Pichai in his keynote repeatedly: Google wizard This is to be able to answer questions interactively talking to the user.. “Who has done in the movie ‘The Revenant’ director?” can be followed by the question: “And he has turned what movies?” This is reminiscent of announcements for Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Remains to be seen whether Google can also redeem the full-bodied promises.

The I-can-everything box

Google Home the Group tried much deeper than before entering into the everyday life of people. The device itself is a wireless speaker, as the equipment of Sonos. In addition, it contains functions for home automation, to control the heating and networked lamps. It also aims to provide, for example, traffic information, manage the calendar, restaurant reservations or order food.

This is still, however, only a promise. Only end of the year Google Home to hit the market. Whether only in the United States or in other countries, could open Google CEO Pichai. It is clear that with the announcement of the company uses the rival Amazon under pressure to bring its voice-activated home control device Echo as soon as possible in more countries on the market

chat robots and Video <. / p>

Allo is a Messenger app that makes WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger competition. It provides, for example, the ability to send emotional expressions in different sizes to change their emphasis. There are also prefabricated Quick answers that relate specifically to the content of the chat. Google’s text and image recognition is a help to meaningful answers here.

As an example of the integration of Google Assistant was shown how the virtual assistant find a suitable restaurant for the evening chatting and it also equal can make a reservation. This is very reminiscent of the chatbot that Microsoft has just presented at its Build conference.

To protect privacy Allo offers a end-to-end encryption, as they are in WhatsApp recently , But here it is not always active, but will be turned on only on request.

In addition to Allo Duo has been announced, a video chat app. Duo shows already before accepting a call, the video image of the caller. So you supposed to know who’s calling and why. The operation seems extremely simple, the user interface is minimal.

Give the child a name

The question of how Android n for now is to say, Google rolls off onto the users. Instead one to announce the name, the company launched a website where any proposals may submit, for what purpose are n

n For Android was told recognize a lot. The new version of the mobile operating system will be faster, Play games better, install apps nimble. The encryption function of the software has been improved. But above all, invites Android n automatically shut in the background system updates, so thus stocked devices are always up to date, and get the latest security patches.

Multitasking is improved by, for example, long unused apps are automatically deleted from the list of active apps. The function Split Screen allows you to use two apps side by side or one above the other. The familiar from recent Samsung smartphones. Messages can be answered quickly, directly into the notification center.

Android n should be published “in the summer”. Immediately there is a public beta version.

More Virtual Reality

Under the name Daydream , a system was introduced, the Virtual Reality should do better with smartphones. It includes specifications for smartphones, a reference design for VR goggles and a VR controller and requirements for VR-Apps. Apparently Google wants so try to keep the subject in VR, instead it the manufacturers of large expensive systems – HTC, Oculus, Sony – losing. Until you can try this, it will still take a while. Only in the autumn to Daydream apps and devices appear.

Smarter Smart Watches

Android Wear 2.0 Google announces the first major update for its wearable Plattworm on. The software enables greater personalization of the user interface of Smart Watches. In addition, it should be easier to answer message per clock, both prefabricated responses, as well, by writing large letters on the screen. The fitness functions have been improved. Above all, be able to work completely independently from the mobile apps Wear now.

apps without installation

With Instant Apps Google eliminates a problem that annoys many users. Instead of having to install an app only need, you can use Instant Apps immediately without installation by clicking on a link. Since such apps are divided into many small modules, they should start with virtually no delay.

Is Google Making things better or just anything to?

Much of what was shown, was already known, although in some cases only a rumor. Surprising was likely that Google itself in many projects not try something completely new, but familiar concepts of other enterprises picks up and redeveloped in his own way. Of course, the Google adaptations of chat apps, chat bots and home control devices are better than the competition, say Google’s manager. We’ll see if the customers also see it that way.


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