Monday, May 9, 2016

Duplicate Charges at Aldi Süd: Hundreds of thousands of customers throughout Germany … – ABC Online

Monday, 05.09.2016, 15:35 · FOCUS-Online Editor Antonia Schäfer
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Anyone in last week, paid at the discounter Aldi Süd by debit card, should review its statements: Due to a technical error amounts were charged twice.

This specifically involves purchases that were made on Friday, May 6, in an Aldi South Branch. The German Savings Bank Association (DSGV) confirmed to ABC Online corresponding media reports

The problem has therefore nothing to do with the financial institutions, but with Aldi Süd itself – or more specifically:. Ingenico. The network operator provides almost all Aldi Süd stores the EC terminals – and precisely these are responsible for the failure of Friday as DSGV telling. How Ingenico towards FOCUS Online admits, because customers could throughout the CBD victims of accounting errors have become.

Customers of all Aldi Southern markets could be affected

And the problem goes beyond how spokesman Christoph Hausel explains: “affected all customers that their purchases on Friday, 05.06.2016 paid via the payment terminals from Ingenico Payment Services with their card. “

Ingenico equips next to Aldi many other supermarkets, but other transactions by debit terminals. 27 million terminal manufacturer to be used world-wide according to the company. Nevertheless stresses Hausel that only cases of German Aldi Süd stores are known.

Aldi Süd declined to comment on FOCUS Online request to the problem.

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” Probably all customers “

where there were double charges, equal to a lot of customers were obviously affected. . For example, in the Greater Neuss where a blogger reported earlier about the problem

It was “a lot of” double bookings given, confirmed a spokeswoman for the local savings bank opposite FOCUS Online: “In the Rhine-Neuss district are likely all customers affected who were shopping at issue Friday at Aldi Süd. “

customers must not do anything

Since the problem does not lies in the savings bank or other financial institutions, they are to self-reported no jurisdiction to transfer the money back. . Instead, you have here Aldi or the service provider Ingenico act


This should happen automatically, promises of Ingenico spokesman Hausel: “From the double booking affected customers do not become active, Ingenico provides immediately that the amounts corresponding to be re-credited to the accounts within a few days. “

Stadtsparkasse conceded customers with new fees from


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