Saturday, May 14, 2016

Brandenburg: Police use lignite opponents in Lausitz fixed – TIME ONLINE

On the second day of protests against the brown coal mining in the Lausitz has occurred clashes between activists and police. Up to 100 people have been arrested, reports the MDR.

Thus, had previously stormed several hundred protesters, the core area of ​​the power plant Schwarze Pumpe. When leaving the site, the police had encircled the activists to take personal details. The police are said to have batons and pepper spray used. The activists of the protest alliance End terrain reported injured, the report said.

The Alliance has called on Pentecost protests. On Saturday morning, around 2,000 people had left to a blockage of the power plant Schwarze Pumpe, according to the end land. About 700 activists penetrated the grounds of the power plant – according to the Action Alliance peaceful. Ines Filohn of the police department in South Cottbus said on Saturday afternoon, the actions of the protesters was “not dangerous”. Several people had climbed on large appliances such Braunkohlebagger.

Vattenfall spokesman Thoralf Schirmer also said that some of the demonstrators had procured forcibly entered. Even fireworks were ignited. “The situation is dramatic,” Schirmer said. “Our colleagues feel threatened. Here’s a limit clearly been exceeded.” Vattenfall had filed a complaint because of state and trespassing and assault already late Friday. The police allowed the protesters but initially largely grant because the prosecution did not share the information in the complaint facts.

On Saturday afternoon, presented Vattenfall another display because of the blockade of the tracks. With action lignite Egner have paralyzed the power station near Cottbus partially. Coal trains can not reach the premises. The performance of the power plant had to shut down the company therefore.

Brandenburg – lignite opencast opponents occupy terrain According to the operator Vattenfall 200 opencast opponents have stayed on the premises. The organizer, the initiative end area, spoke of 500 nights on the premises and a total of about 2,000 participants.

had Lignite opponents on Friday in the Lausitz a large-scale protest action started. More than 1,000 participants had occupied, police said parts of the opencast mine Welzow-Süd and decommissioned it. The action will continue during the Whitsun weekend, the Alliance announced: “Every additional ton of coal, which is retrieved from the bottom, a ton is too much.”

rbb reported four activists who blocked a major coal railway by chained themselves to a concrete pyramid on the tracks. However, it should not come to malfunctions in operation, because the company had never planned dismantling the weekend. The site will initially continue to be monitored by the police, therefore, but should not be evicted.

“While the federal government continues dragged the coal exit, him that many people are calling for more loud “, said the environmental group Greenpeace. Would the remaining coal reserves Lausitz fired, which would cause “up to one billion tons” of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

At the protest also Green Party of Brandenburg and Berlin, as well as Member of Parliament and MEPs want to participate the party. Parallel to the blockade organized the alliance a climate camp in nearby Proschim.

The Welzow-Süd is also operated by Vattenfall. In the open pit approximately 20 million tons of lignite are produced annually. The main customer is the Schwarze Pumpe power plant.


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