Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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Tuesday, 05.10.2016, 07:46
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In Bavaria occurring every minute dramatic, sad, disturbing and curious, even humorous stories. ABC Online collects these messages from all regions of the Free State in the great Bayern ticker.

Bavaria IG Metall expands strikes from

7:48: München – The IG Metall in Bavaria expands on Tuesday from their strikes. The union called in 75 companies of the Bavarian metal and electrical industry on to work stoppages and expects tens of thousands of participants. The Bavarian IG Metall chief Jürgen Wechsler wanted to speak in the morning (10:30) on a central rally in Augsburg.

The IG Metall demands five per cent more money. Employers pay increases offered at two levels, which add up to 24 months to 2.1 percent – in addition there should be a one-time payment. IG Metall Bavaria evaluates this property as a “gross disrespect for the workers in the factories.” In metal-labor dispute still no breakthrough had succeeded on Monday night in North Rhine-Westphalia. There, the social partners expressed confident that even before Pentecost might be possible, a pilot agreement

Munich to AFD-kicking. “In our Bräukellern were already too many rights”

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