Sunday, May 8, 2016

ADAC decides Reform: Failed revolt – Handelsblatt

ADAC general meeting in Lübeck

members of ADAC hold voting cards into the air, while Matthias Feltz (l), first vice-president of ADAC, and August Markl, president of ADAC, can be seen on a screen.

(Photo: AP)

Lübeck the dispute is settled: the ADAC AGM voted overwhelmingly in favor of the controversial reform of the club. Thus, the delegates followed on Saturday in Lübeck its board. The revolt of the former ADAC President Peter Mayer on the Regional Club Nordrhein thus failed.

The ADAC will in future be divided into three parts: the association, a European Company SE and a foundation. Thus, the association wants the impending withdrawal of club status forestall. With this new structure financial and personal ties between nonprofit entirety and economic activities such as insurance companies are to be resolved. “Doing nothing is not an option. If we do not act, another act for us “, ADAC president August Markl warned delegates. “You decide today whether the largest club in Germany has a future.” The debate was surprisingly quiet – and right on schedule. Only 33 delegates voted against the reform – of 221 representatives

The ADAC had entered a severe crisis two years ago.. After arbitrary changes in the Audience Award “ Gelber Engel ” several irregularities came to light. “We are glad that we can dispel many of these allegations. It was not all bad in the ADAC “said reformer Markl showed conciliatory. However, some allegations were true.

Before the general meeting, the Munich ADAC Headquarters and the Regional Club Nordrhein by Meyer had carved several legal opinions to the ears. It was about how far reform should go. In the end, the Central prevailed with the view as much as possible to reform, to avoid lengthy litigation. The downside from the perspective of the rebels to Meyer: The club are great assets to the Foundation and the SE – and may have less impact on these areas. In the SE walking beside Insurance about the car rental and the services. The Foundation accepts air rescue and Yellow Angels that help and non-members. The Bureau to Markl pointed out that in the ADAC decades economic components were spun off into a GmbH – only now had to be stronger this separation. “The SE is not a fundamental innovation for the ADAC, certainly not a revolution”, Vice-President Matthias Feltz.

calmed Even before the vote suggested ex-president Meyer reconciliation on Saturday at. “We expect respect for our opinion, conversely, you also get loyalty for each felled here decision,” he said, referring to the Bureau. He pointed vigorously reports back that he had threatened action against the new structure or considering this even. It is thus clear: The dispute is now over. The problem was solved, that the Bureau had the delegates processed at the informal meeting of delegates on Friday already with four new reports, which should prove his reform need.


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