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Train to train drivers: Alone we can not continue – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          Train drivers demanding 5 percent wage increase and an hour less work time a week.



Despite the renewed threat of a strike train drivers’ union GDL German Rail remains tough in the deadlocked pay dispute. “We call on the GDL to arbitration because we want rapid results,” said train personnel director Ulrich Weber in Berlin. “We have reached a point where we need to consult a neutral party.” The union had rejected the new wage offer from the company on Thursday and announced another, long labor dispute.


For further details of the train drivers’ union did not exist to do so. The union has been on strike in the labor dispute seven times the freight or passenger. A settlement had been rejected.


DB executive Weber, the opponent of the union bosses Claus Weselsky, announced that it is already subject some compromises on the negotiating table. The latest offer is serious and should pacify the conflict. The railway had offered, wages should rise from 1 July in two steps by a total of 4.7 percent. These get a one-off payment of a total of 1000 Euros until June 30.


The GDL calls for employees five percent more money and one hour less work time a week. The sticking point in collective bargaining provides the GDL now is how the so-called shunting locomotive drivers are classified in the tariff structure of the web.


The hardness of the train drivers strike depends on expert opinion together with the planned Act on the bargaining unit, which is to enter into force in the summer. “The GDL tried before nor pursue pegs,” said labor lawyer Carsten Domke.


According to the lawyer, the GDL can be limited by planned by the grand coalition law effectively in their scope for action, when the largest union in each case only allowed to conclude collective agreements in a company. “The German Rail could rely fully on the law and obtain a lever to tackle the greatest excesses of a permanent tariff competition.”


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A permanent bidding war between competing unions – as currently in the web between the GDL and the railway and Transport union (ECG) – would be restricted. Both want to negotiate in part for the same professions. The train will achieve comparable results in separate negotiations.


Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier (CDU) made vehemently strongly for the government’s plans to bargaining unit. “The for months ongoing labor dispute with Deutsche Bahn, as well as the recurrent conflicts in the aviation sector demonstrate the importance of the restoration of the bargaining unit,” said the deputy CDU chairman of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.


pressure from the CDU to tighten the strike, meanwhile, is also the part of the Junge Union. “It has now feel like it is every two weeks on strike,” said CEO Paul Ziemiak JU. Through strikes, especially in the railway and at Lufthansa incur billions damage. “Germany looses its competitiveness.” The same criticism brings so also the CDU business wing.



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wage dispute with the train drivers

Alone we are stuck

Seven times have leave in the current wage dispute, the trains, the train driver – the negotiations are stuck. Now the railway Group calls for a neutral arbitrator.

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