Monday, May 25, 2015

CDU-SPD Vice throws breaking the coalition agreement before – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          Armin Laschet’s CDU deputy Angela Merkel and he also heads the major NRW -Landesverbandes.



Is this just the normal dispute among partners or implies a divorce? Just put the SPD General Secretary Yasmin Fahimi the Chancellor in the intelligence dispute an ultimatum. “I expect that the Federal Chancellery until the next session week finally provides clarity about how the Bundestag in a suitable manner can check Selektorenliste. A sitting out this affair will not happen with the SPD, “she told the” Bild “newspaper. A few hours later the SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel disagreed with the statement. If it were not an ultimatum.


As a reminder, Gabriel himself recently teased by public doubts about statements by Angela Merkel. Then brought the deputy chairman of the CDU parliamentary group Michael Fuchs (no backbenchers mind) even a premature election this week.


Now the deputy CDU party chairman Armin Laschet criticizes the Federal Minister Gabriel to have broken the coalition agreement. Reason is the energy policy. An additional levy for conventional power plants (coal levy) had been “neither decided nor ever advise”, in the corresponding working group that negotiated the coalition agreement, Laschet writes according to a report of the “world” in a letter to Gabriel. And Laschet is not only CDU deputy, but also head of the major North-Rhine Westphalia CDU Regional Association.


Laschet writes thus: “The additional levy would be superfluous, the German Economics Ministry would simply implement what was decided in late 2013 in the coalition agreement.” He called for a share of 25 percent of the so-called cogeneration of electricity generation as a target to 2020. Also Gabriel should be used for tax incentives for energy-saving building renovations and for a modern heating technology.


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Gabriel himself a piece has now backtracked. He even showed up recently for alternatives to coal-delivery open to save the agreed 22 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 2020 in the power sector in addition to the measures taken so far.


The Green Party leader Anton Hofreiter said meanwhile made for “a CO2-brake” in the Basic Law. In the Constitution, a debt ceiling already had been recorded – the loss of livelihoods is but “even more dramatic than the accumulation of debt,” he told



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energy policy

CDU Vice throws SPD fraction of the coalition agreement before

The crash in the grand coalition goes to the next round: The deputy CDU boss Laschet throws Economics Minister Gabriel before to break the coalition agreement. This time it comes to energy policy.

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