Saturday, May 23, 2015

No cancellations on Pentecost –

Date: 05/22/2015 11:34 clock

rail passengers can travel over a public holiday, without fear of cancellations. The regional traffic is canceled the GDL strikes again largely according to plan, to Saturday, the long-distance transport to normalize. In addition, EDC concluded strikes for the next day from.

After the end of the strike by train drivers union GDL of regional and suburban railway traffic runs According to Deutsche Bahn almost back to normal in many states. In Bavaria, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, it could but come to restrictions, the company said.

In the long-distance transport is due to the more complex scheduling of personnel and trains a return to normal schedule only on Saturdays, so the train. Today the limited range to be but strengthened by 50 additional trains. In freight transport, the resolution of the backlog of trains will take to track information by Tuesday.

The first perpetual strike had been canceled on Thursday after the railway and the GDL on mediation from next week had agreed. Three weeks scheduled for the mediation. On the side of the train negotiates Brandenburg Ex-Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck (SPD); the GDL has called Prime Minister of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow (Left) the conciliator


EVG excludes strikes out

And also on the part of much larger Railway and Transport union (ECG), which is currently conducting the train fare conversations, comes an announcement that could welcome the train: About Pentecost there should definitely be no strikes

rail ballast and had postponed their talks after hours of negotiations in the early morning on Wednesday of next week. Bahn personnel chief Ulrich Weber said there were progress has been made. His company had moved among topics remuneration and contract terms. But: “We have found at four-thirty, that we need time to breathe and still many difficult questions are pending,” said Weber

> EDC speaks of the first part of success

In itself also expressed EVG boss Alexander Kirchner satisfied. At the core demands of his trade union, for example, six percent wage increase and 150 Euro as a “social component”, there was no consensus at the end. However, the ballast and the track subject no longer so far apart in their positions. Kirchner hopes that the track on Wednesday to submit a final offer. “Our goal is still to come this month to a collective agreement”.

“What we want in any case, is that bargaining unit, the Group will remain,” said Kirchner , The ballast will therefore pursue the arbitration between railway and GDL exactly so it does not come to a split in the workforce. The bargaining unit law will not solve to the EVG boss believes the current Konfikt. The ballast must, even if it is the larger union, enforce its own power their collective bargaining agreement, as Kirchner.


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