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The big noise Greece – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          Anyone who believes that you would like the Greek Finance Varoufakis (r.) be on Twitter and operate a blog to be heard everywhere, has not reckoned with Wolfgang Schäuble.



Giannis Varoufakis is 54 years old, tweeting regularly, runs his own blog, are countless interviews and commentaries. Not only in Greece, and the rest of Europe and beyond by now everyone will know who is currently Greece’s finance minister. Varoufakis acts medially omnipresent and his remarks have it always in itself. Most recently, he announced in no uncertain terms: If his country go out the money, then the order was clear – only would the own employees paid, and if something is still left, the International Monetary Fund get its loans back on time. If not, does that mean, then not. Rums. However Varoufakis

was optimistic to reach an agreement very quickly with the creditors.

Alexander Armbruster Author: Alexander Armbruster, editor-in business.

This Sunday, he asks in the BBC donors on, contrary to come his country more. “We have come to meet them three-quarters of the way, they have to meet us half a quarter of the way.” The Greek Interior Minister Nikos Voutsis seconded the Athens television. The IMF will not timely get in June their money back – because it was not there


The otherwise rather quiet and sober occurring Euro group chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem is given the countless public statements of Greek politicians even once, also journalists, have said Athens guide should give less interviews and spend more time, the country difficult of his freeing situation.


You want to vote? – Only for

However, if you think only of being heard, which is well versed in the “new media”, the statement made no Wolfgang Schäuble. The German finance minister is 73 years old in September. He has no Twitter account and does not have a private internet diary – and stands in terms of attention to his Greek counterpart (now) second to none. Not a day goes by without making any citations of political veterans to debt dispute the round.


Of course, this is connected with the fact that the Finance Minister Schäuble is Germany, the largest euro area economy, of their willingness to (further) loans depends essentially on how the debt dispute originates. The Anglo-Saxon financial newspaper “Financial Times” had, for example, in a newspaper recently a lead story Schäuble quote introduced with “the mighty German Finance Minister says …”. But it’s more than that. Because Schäuble itself ensures that his words making the rounds in which he gives an interview after another, let go a comment after another. And his testimony is sent.


For example, was shortly after brought into the conversation of the Greek side a referendum on additional austerity measures, Schäuble said something and almost casually towards Syriza: If you want to vote, please – I do not mind at least. A smart move, Schäuble knows (and of course the Greek Government) based on numerous surveys, that the Greeks are fed up with the slow collision course their government and at the same time want to keep the euro at almost any price.



Merkel, Tsipras, Draghi

This Sunday, just at the time when the Greek interior minister the IMF threatens to default and Varoufkis talks with the BBC and while the Central Committee of the Syriza party convenes , Schäuble is in Germany radio again clear: more accommodating is not in it. Germany has committed itself last February 20 (during a major euro zone finance ministers meeting) to abide by its commitments. “That’s why we do not talk about alternatives.” And over Greece, he said, the country still have “quite a lot of effort going on to fulfill that to which it has committed itself”



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debt dispute with Athens

The big Greek noise

Alexander Armbruster

Once again cut the two Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and Giannis Varoufakis publicly on the plaster. Many others, such as EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, constantly comment on the debt dispute. Decide to three others.

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