Sunday, May 31, 2015

“Libel and defamation”: post-boss attacked Verdi before 6th round of talks – ABC Online

Sunday, 31.05.2015, 11:05
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Before starting the 6 . Round Table in the wage dispute at the post office in Berlin on Monday attacked the trade union Verdi sharp CEO Frank Appel. In early May had Verdi the Post accused superiors would intimidate strikers.

This put the employees under pressure, so that they continue to contribute to the ongoing strikes. “The employees are bullied, it is stirred up fear, so that they can gather behind the union,” the Post’s CEO who said “Welt am Sonntag”.

background the labor dispute is in addition to the dispute over working hours and salaries for around 140,000 postal employees in particular the establishment of 49 regional companies for parcel delivery. There are working according to the Post for more than 6,000 people. They are paid not according to the pay scale of the Group, but after the generally lower rate of freight forwarding and logistics industry.

“income the past promise no longer for the Future”

mood is always irritated early May had Verdi the Post accused superiors would intimidate strikers Appel said now reversed facing the union:.. “. It is working with libel and defamation” The Post-chief defended the spin-off: Competitor of the Bonn company paid much lower hourly wages. “We can use the income of the past no longer promise for the future,” Appel said.

Meanwhile, the strikes continued against the continuation of collective talks. After Friday nationwide thousands of employees their had resigned from work and, according to post hundreds of thousands of packages as well as millions of letters should reach their recipients only later, occurred according to Verdi on Saturday around 5,000 colleagues in strike.

Only in Berlin, Brandenburg and Bavaria have given it a break. The union demanded 5.5 percent more money and a shortening of the working week by 2.5 to 36 hours with full wage compensation

Video:. Everywhere strikes in the region

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