Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ikea sold in Hamburg Köttbullar much and little Billy – THE WORLD

The furniture giant Ikea wants back on its most important market, Germany, closer to its customers and thus continue to grow. With houses closer to the city center, wireless mobile phone charging stations in furniture and vegetable balls courting the Swedes also about the purchasing power of young urbanites.

“If we used Ikea Homes have built, then we looked for a motorway junction and the store placed there because the whole society was geared to cars, “said CEO Peter Agnefjäll Deutsche Presse-Agentur. “Today we are naturally interested in a good accessibility for cars. But it is even more important in the future that there is good accessibility by public.”

Vegan Köttbullar come good at

Sometimes that meant that the transactions subject closer to the inner cities. “Sometimes there are around cities a well-developed traffic situation, even after that we seek.” For this type of transaction is the furniture store in Hamburg-Altona, the sun away from the railway station just a short walk, a test.

“But it is interesting , the reactions of customers to see – what works, what less well, “said Ikea Chief about the buying behavior of the townspeople. “What we normally see when we are in places that are easier to reach, is that people will come more often. Then you do not buy every two months a new sofa.”

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Instead, they often visit the IKEA Restaurant. There, too, the furniture giant adapts to an urban, young consumer base: The restaurant vegan vegetable balls in addition to the known meat-containing Köttbullar served since April. “This is a bigger deal than it might sound, because we are the meatballs and hot dog so connected” Agnefjäll said. “But what we see so far is that there is a great interest from customers.”

Ikea chief: “I was born with the meatballs”

Today, more people wanted to eat a healthy diet, as this had been the case 15 or 20 years ago. The vegetable balls are also part of the sustainability strategy in the furniture chain. Here the thought of vegetarian food for Agnefjäll even a change: “I was born with the meatballs, so my parents cooked.”

Meat eaters need to but initially still worry that the Köttbullar threatened with closure. “I think today it’s about creating options. We have the Köttbullar yet, but we also offer the Veggie meatballs to” Agnefjäll said.

The Ikea boss however does not reveal whether the Hamburger” prototype “is a success, which could lead to other downtown stores quickly. An interim report shows a mixed picture. Because the bare attendance are good. According to company information, the Altona branch is one of the five most visited in Germany. The group in this country has 49 furniture stores.

But the big rush is not reflected in sales. On the contrary: “The average ticket is significantly lower than in other houses with us,” said Christian Mollerus, manager of branch, recently the “Handelsblatt”

This is probably also the structure of the seven-story building. Many of the customers, the company admits, at first thought that they were selling no furniture here. After all, unlike it is usual the Ikea customer, he is only in the higher floors of the retail space and storage areas. It so happens that many visitors stay on the ground floor and make it there at the restaurant easily -. The house after that without shelf or sofa to leave

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