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Since the beginning of April the bitter labor dispute at the post office running. Officials who can not strike, have thereby helped out repeatedly in the mail and parcel delivery. The lawsuit against the union was unsuccessful.

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Post may in strike continues officials use

Summary – 16.20 clock. The Post must in the current collective struggle for more money and shorter working hours continue to lobby officials to replace striking employees That decided the Arbeitsgericht Bonn on Tuesday and therefore rejected a complaint of the union Verdi back. The union sees the officials as strikebreakers and wanted to forbid their use for bestreikte activities entirely.

The court did not follow suit. It relied on a precedent of the Federal Constitutional Court of 1993, after which only the “forcible” used by officers at the post office employee strikes are prohibited. Volunteer assignments are however, permitted by the Bonn Labour Court considers said the presiding judge. The strikes in the labor dispute went on Tuesday, especially in northern and eastern Germany continue. However, the effects are more manageable, told the Post.

38,000 civil servants employed by the Post Office as strikebreakers

In addition to its approximately 140,000 employees, Swiss Post has around 38,000 civil servants who can not strike and during the strike in the context of emergency plans always used for work of striking employees colleagues . The union sees this as the penetrating power of strikes and that their legal rights restricted.

In the labor dispute Verdi calls for shortening the working week from 38.5 to 36 hours without loss of pay and 5.5 percent more money. The next round of negotiations will take place in Berlin on 1 and 2 June. The Post welcomed the decision. Now willing to work colleagues should not be vilified as by notices on the bulletin board as strikebreakers, called Post Group Board Jürgen Gerdes.

officials may not refuse

At the hearing Ver.di had submitted numerous cases of officials who were playing in a warning strike for activities of employees. Official statements Even in these cases, but no one had been forcibly inserted, the lawyer said the Post. He presented, among others, Affidavits of supervisors of some of these employees. The union, however, is unsure whether officials dare ever, to fight back against the acquisition of on strike action, if the supervisor is pressing.

Officials allowed official instructions anyway not refuse in order not to violate any laws. But you have the option to formally appeal against the order at the service men. Such complaints could get with the decision that emphasizes the voluntary nature of the use, a greater role.

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