Friday, May 22, 2015

Rail and union ECG adjourn – No strike – Reuters Germany


Berlin (Reuters) – The German Railways and the Railway and Transport union (ECG) have postponed their collective bargaining at the next week.


Next Wednesday would you achieve a result, strikes will not give it, said train personnel director Ulrich Weber early Friday morning. On Wednesday launch, the recently agreed conciliation talks between the train drivers’ union GDL and the railway. Previously, in a nightly round of negotiations the unions had approached, the train had made a number of new deals. “We have found that we now need time to breathe,” said Weber.


The TOE requires six percent wage increase, but at least 150 euros more. It negotiates for all its members in all groups of employees, including the engine driver. This makes the negotiations so difficult because the track will close no different contracts for the same group of employees. So you need the mediation results with GDL have in view that wants to reach an agreement for train drivers, Rangierführer and train staff. Weber emphasized, however, they wanted to have a result on Wednesday and not wait for the further course of several weeks of mediation with the GDL. “Layering process on the one hand and ECG negotiations on the other hand have nothing to do with each other.”


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