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Axel Springer Verlag – interest in T-Online? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! – Sü

  • In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung has Axel-Apringer CEO Mathias Döpfner the accusation, from the publisher make a service company want to.
  • He also made it clear that no Springer takeover of T-Online Internet platform plane. Last week the Telekom had for the first time publicly acknowledged that the portal up for sale.
  • “We are interested in at present particularly the English-speaking world,” says Döpfner the SZ.

From Varinia Bernau and Caspar Busse

In the 18th floor of the Axel Springer tower in Berlin was vigorously rebuilt. CEO Mathias Döpfner, 52, and his fellow board members have now only eleven square small individual offices behind a glass wall. Is discretion demand, they can at least draw a thin white curtain. Döpfner are gladly demonstratively open and modern. He opens his smartphone the techno music and explains how he wants to reinvent the traditional publisher new

Axel Springer has set in recent years a lot of money in Internet portals where you -. Such as StepStone – looking for a new job or – can compare prices – as in Idealo. And the group has broken up with newspapers. This has Döpfner, is introduced for 14 years CEO reputation to turn the publisher a services company

An accusation is unjustified in his opinion -. Because at Springer, as he emphasizes, even in the analog days only one-third of the crew was in charge of journalism, and the remainder allowed to sell ads that newspapers and magazines only. “If we want to emancipate the idea of ​​the newspaper from the paper, we have to go this route. Other no longer believe in journalism and invest in IT start-ups or e-commerce. This is rescuing a company by changing the business purpose,” says Döpfner in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung . “This is precisely the way we do not go.”

“A takeover of T-Online’s very unlikely”

Also, why was Axel Springer recently as one of the most promising buyers traded for T-Online. The Internet site where you can read news, but can log for an email service that reaches so many people like no other in Germany. But Döpfner now granted the maneuver a rejection – even if it still remains open one last option. “A takeover of T-Online’s very unlikely,” says Döpfner.

So far, T-Online is one of Deutsche Telekom. In the past week but had Tim Höttges, CEO of Telekom, the first time publicly acknowledged that the portal up for sale. The group have already initiated talks with potential buyers, he said at the meeting in Cologne. The business behind the website on which you can read news, but can log for an email service that have outlived their usefulness.

Höttges who leads the Telekom since one and a half years, attaches great importance to that the company focuses on its strengths – namely the provision of networks. Out of business with another of its portals, Scout 24, the Telekom withdrew in November-2013. The Group has 70 percent of its shares in the company that had grown up with the Internet classifieds, transferred to an American financial investor – and it pocketed 1.7 billion euros. That was more than many industry observers had thought possible. Recently it was said that a takeover of T-Online by Springer hinauszögere because both companies have different price expectations.

“Our priorities are different”

Mathias Döpfner now set clear, however, flirting with other acquisitions. “Our priorities are different,” he said. “We currently interested especially the English-speaking world.” The group, many companies look at. “If you knew how many projects we consider you would be quite nervous as a journalist. But 90 percent of things not be realized just because we do not want to pay the asking price, because the company is not yet so attractive, because we from Management are not convinced “

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