Monday, May 25, 2015

Switzerland presents possible tax evaders on the Internet – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          The Powered-plate: the Switzerland publish the names of alleged tax evaders in the future on the Internet .



The Swiss Tax Administration (FTA) will take an unusually drastic means: You published the names of alleged tax evaders in the future on the Internet. This is because according to a report in the Swiss “Sonntagszeitung” the large number of so-called administrative assistance requests, which the Swiss Federal officials would showered. Accordingly, many countries want, including Germany, France and Russia, know how much money hidden which possible tax evaders in the country before the local tax authorities.


“It’s special, that one comes across the name of a person concerned by requests for assistance person,” says Alexandre Dumas of the FTA itself. However, many States did not allow that the Swiss authority receives direct contact with the persons concerned. To warn them anyway and to allow them to resort to legal remedies, the name would now be published in the Federal Gazette. And that’s visible to anyone on the Internet.


Among the people who are now in this online salver, according to the report, for example, Francisco José Ortiz von Bismarck, great-grandson of Otto von Bismarck a. Accordingly, the German tax authorities have about him made an application for assistance.


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A little contradictory interpretation is, according to the Swiss newspaper the fact that the Swiss Federal Tax Administration asks reversed foreign offices to keep the documents received from her secret. In addition, in the case of Germany or about India is not clear whether the respective agencies are stolen tax data (keyword control CDs) came up with the name.


This gives the FTA to also outspoken. “We are never sure if they are stolen data. However, there is the principle of good faith, “said Dumas. Should not be published on the Internet allegedly by the way the names of American citizens, against whom administrative assistance procedure is running.



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presents possible tax evaders too many requests

Switzerland on the Internet

Who is suspected of tax evasion, could find his name soon on an official Swiss website. The Tax Administration of the country justifies the step with overload. A country seems excluded.

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