Monday, May 25, 2015

+++ +++ Greek crisis: Varoufakis sees Greece as a “milk cow that … – ABC Online

Updated on Monday, 05.25.2015, 16:14
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Find EU and Greece still a way out of the crisis? Or is it already too late? In Greece, the pressure on the government is growing. . All the information in the news ticker

  • Athens running out of money – but an agreement seems in sight .
  • In the coming months, massive debt repayments are in.
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The facts:. Greece politicians appear divided: while Interior Minister Voutsis preclude repayment to the IMF and the institutions sees the duty of the government spokesman says precisely this payment to (Monday, 15.09 clock).

Varoufakis called Greece a “milk cow that is beaten”

16.09 Clock: Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis has funders again criticized publicly. In an interview with the BBC he said: “Greece has made enormous steps to reach an agreement now it is up to the institutions to do their part..” Athens had gone three-quarters of the way, now the lenders would have to cover your area.

The fact that Greece not only salaries and pensions pay, but operator and the debt to the IMF, they are “extremely well” for a country that not versorge directly on the markets. But Varoufakis warns: “At some point we will not be able to do.” . Then, his choice was clear, the repeated – namely for pensions

Even against the “Austeritätsfalle” thundered the politicians again: “It can not be in the interests of the institutions that the cow that gives milk is beaten until the milk is no longer sufficient to get their money back. ” Varoufakis also warned to take a possible Grexit lightly: “If Greece exits, it is only a matter of time before the whole structure (EU) begins to dissolve.”

Athens government spokesman: are nearing agreement

Monday, May 25, 15.14 Clock: Athens wants the obligations to its creditors but meet . This said the Greek government spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis reporters on Monday in Athens. Sakellaridis was responding to statements made by the Greek Interior Minister Nikos Voutsis and other government officials from the previous day, according to which Greece will not pay the next installments of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

rumors about the imposition of capital controls in the coming days in Greece because of the dramatic liquidity situation denied Sakellaridis. Capital controls and similar “disaster scenarios” will not give it, he said. The Athens government spokesman said further that negotiations with creditors would continue on Tuesday in Brussels. Athens was optimistic that it will soon come to an agreement. The conditions for so long negotiations for an agreement were ripe, Sakellaridis said

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