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Debate on Swiss publication of tax suspects – tagesschau.de

Date: 26/05/2015 16:30 clock

Full name and in some cases even the date of birth: the release of suspected tax fraudsters on the Internet by the Swiss tax authorities on the internet raises many questions. A scandal?

Suspected tax cheat in the pillory? In the Swiss Official Journal? Scandal or more common? Yes, it’s true: the Federal Tax Administration has published numerous names of suspected tax cheats around the world, in the Federal Gazette and thus the Internet. A scandal? Rather not. Because the IRS has affected the opportunity to resort to legal remedies, and if no address or name of a lawyer or other representative present, then so be it.

No revelation scandal

appeal because it is probably in all cases already initiated control procedures of foreign tax authorities, who submitted a request for administrative assistance in Switzerland. Thus, the foreign tax authorities know the publicized on the network name already, by a revelation scandal can therefore be no question.

information obligation under Swiss law

As Switzerland now cooperating in mutual legal assistance requests and for tax evasion, they must inform the data subject under Swiss law. It can nevertheless be regarded as corrosive that full name, including year of birth in the network are circulating, especially as the Swiss tax authorities could definitely make some prominent names like the great-great grandson of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck with addresses locate in a bit more research.

assistance only in cases of tax fraud

Downright amazing is also the legal assistance against Germany, because one by since the failure of the tax agreement the German Federal appeals to an agreement of the ’70s. After that Switzerland can provide assistance but only in cases of tax fraud and tax evasion is not in. . And certainly not if the questions put by the German tax authorities requests for information stolen bank data based, writes the Swiss “Sonntagszeitung”

But a spokesman for the Federal Tax Administration from inciting: It was never sure if we are dealing with stolen data or not. There was the principle of legitimate expectations. In the Official Journal of the way so some will be published. Decisions on slot machines, changes of name or location decisions on naturalization



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