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Third bailout excluded: Tspiras wants no help from summer – NEWS

Third bailout excluded: Tspiras wants no help from summer – NEWS


 Saturday, February 28, 2015


 Greek Prime Minister had to break his campaign promises to save his country for a few months before the bankruptcy. But then finally concluded it promises. For the Germans, he finds words of praise.



The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras excludes another tool for his country. Some were betting on a third auxiliary program in June, but he’ll disappoint Tsipras said in a televised speech to his cabinet in Athens. “You can forget a third utility. The Greek people have voted out the programs.”

Other euro countries such as Portugal and Ireland had last said Greece will not be able to avoid a third auxiliary program of its international lenders. The negotiated this week and sanctioned by the Bundestag extension of aid expires after four months. The German Institute for Economic Research estimates the funding gap of Tsipras’ government for the next three years to 30 to 40 billion euros. The German Ministry of Finance, however, had declared that it was too early to speculate about a third auxiliary program.

Greece is far more than two aid packages Having already with 240 billion euros of its donors and has in return numerous reforms and austerity accepted. The left SYRIZA party of the new Greek Prime Tsipras had promised before her election to stop the reforms immediately and completely. Last week, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, however, had signed with his counterparts from the euro group a compromise, which provides in return for the extension of the aids further reforms. According to the reports made promises considerable resentment within the Greek Cabinet and SYRIZA parliamentary group.

Tsipras, Schäuble warns

For this purpose, whether and to what extent they implement the re-promised reforms, expressed Varoufakis and Tsipras contradictory. Varoufakis about caused a stir when he said in an interview in relation to the agreement of the aid package is based: “The memorandum is finished.”

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Tspiras now promised in a television interview that his government would work “hard” in the implementation of reforms. The German Parliament has given Europe a “vote of confidence” praised Tsipras. Greece had thus “overcome a difficult obstacle”. His government would “adamant” fight to make again for “financial and social justice” in Greece “, while increasing public revenue.”

Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned the Greek government, meanwhile, to be reliable and to take more account of the euro partners. He specifically criticized the “discussion” in Greece in recent days about a possible return of just agreed reforms.



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