Friday, February 27, 2015

Parliamentary debate on financial aid for Greece – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Parliamentary debate on financial aid for Greece – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Greece debate in the Bundestag


President Joachim Gauck has welcomed the emerging majority in the Bundestag for an extension of the aid program for Greece. “Parliament is responsible willing and takes the matter very seriously at” Gauck said in an interview with the radio station MDR Info. The Bundestag imagine the question of what Europe win when a part of the community perish.


For the social problems in Greece Gauck said: “There are these difficult situations, that they must pass through a valley of tears, and then again to have success with a reformed society.”


Germany is solidarity. This will clearly not only by good words, but also by very many agents ready ask the Federal Republic. “We are not the big bogeyman as parts of the media and politics in Greece represent us,” Gauck said.


The Bundestag is true in the morning on a motion by Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, to extend the support program for Greece by the end of June. There is an overwhelming majority in favor of the application using the voices of the government parties also expected. The program would otherwise expire on 28 February.


overshadowed, however, is the agreement of new utterances from the left-led government in Athens. This last demanded once more a haircut for the country. In addition, once a stop the planned privatization of state property was brought into the conversation.

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According to the latest corresponding receivables from Athens, EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici has turned against a haircut for Greece. “Debt is there to be repaid,” the French Socialist politician said on Friday in Germany radio. However, he also acknowledged that in Greece “a budget surplus and growth can be achieved” would have to ensure that the debt could be paid.


The former Italian Prime Minister and former European Commission President Romano Prodi criticized, however, the current policy in the euro zone. “The euro remains without the financial and economic policies that would accompany him,” said the Social Democrat in Germany radio. Instead being worke d “with Delays and compromise”. Prodi called for less austerity and growth measures. “Without growth, you do not get the costs under control,” he said.


Greece and the euro group had agreed on Tuesday to an extension of the aid program by the end of June. This required a list of the Greek government reform measures.


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Live Now: The debate in the Bundestag


Should the aid to Athens in the coming months or not? German President Gauck hoping for a clear yes. Follow the Bundestag debate in our live stream.

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