Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gas supply by Gazprom – Russia threatens Ukraine again with delivery stop – Süddeutsche.de

Gas supply by Gazprom – Russia threatens Ukraine again with delivery stop – Süddeutsche.de

  • The Ukraine is due invoices not paid – the advance payments to cover supposed to be a supply for the next two days. If no recent payments are received, according to Gazprom threatens a delivery stop.
  • Russia had several times threatened to cut off gas supplies to Western Europe because of the controversy.
  • the end of March makes a between Ukraine and Russia closed compromise on gas supplies.

By Markus Balser, Berlin

Russia warns against supply constraints

Russia’s commodity giant Gazprom exacerbated in the dispute with Ukraine the tone and threatens again to cut the supply. Ukraine has made all due payments on time new, according to a statement from Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller. This advance payments for two days were only made. If no further payment addresses the issue that inevitably leads to stop Russian gas supplies to Ukraine in two days. “This creates significant risks for gas supplies to Europe,” Miller warned on.

In order to grow in Europe again the fear of supply shortages. Several times Russia has threatened to cut off gas supplies to Western Europe because of the controversy. Even now comes with many utilities ten to twenty percent less gas as ordered. Observers see this as a show of force Moscow.

intensification of the conflict comes at an inopportune time

A new gas crisis would hit the German economy in a delicate position. For the Federal Republic is dependent on natural gas imports from Russia. Almost 40 percent of the natural gas in Germany flowed in recent years from Russia into the German network, half of it through Ukraine.

The intensification of the conflict comes at an inopportune time. For scheduled to begin in the Ukraine in these days actually new conversations about the time after the hard-won compromise in December to gas supplies. The so-called winter package was agreed after months of negotiations between the EU, Ukraine and Russia. It has been running from the end of March. This is, among other things, the settlement of old debts Ukraine regulated for Russian gas, but also the price of further deliveries so that the country comes through the winter. Now Gazprom will again demand higher prices. Ukraine refuses,.

The dispute between Russia and Ukraine is moved. It has long since to huge sums. Before an international court of arbitration in Stockholm, both sides on pulling billions lawsuits. Gazprom calls for more than ten billion dollars a result of broken treaties. Naftogaz goes the same route and Gazprom has sued the repayment of six billion dollars due to high prices. The Group from Kiev further six billion dollars apparently wants to sue for lost transit fees from Gazprom. “We call on about 13 billion dollars,” confirms CEO Alexei Kobolew.

Kiev to deliver gas to Eastern Ukraine pay

Last week it was revealed that the government in Moscow eastern Ukraine already supplies on their own. The invoice should get Kiev. The gas that Gazprom deliver in eastern Ukraine since last week to pay the Ukrainian government, the Kremlin’s view. “Under the Treaties Kiev must pay for Russian gas,” said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev last week. Given the amount that would be delivered to Donetsk and Luhansk also, “the Ukrainian enough money for a few days”. For “humanitarian reasons” but Russia will continue to supply gas to the self-proclaimed “republics”.

The Ukrainian national gas company Naftogaz defends itself against the claims already. “We have no way the quantity or the use to check,” says Kobolew. His company had even taken the supplies in eastern Ukraine, which had been interrupted because of the fighting again since the ceasefire. That Gazprom deliver its part gas in the rebel-held areas was “unacceptable and a violation of the treaties”.


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