Tuesday, February 24, 2015

150 investigators in action: Black Money raid in the Commerzbank headquarters – ABC Online

150 investigators in action: Black Money raid in the Commerzbank headquarters – ABC Online

Tuesday, 02.24.2015, 17:40
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More than 150 German prosecutors, tax inspectors and detectives were looking for evidence against German tax cheat on Tuesday in raids. It was about black money accounts German bank clients in Luxembourg. The focus was on the Commerzbank.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is the focus of a major new tax affair. According to research by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, NDR and WDR more than 150 German prosecutors, tax inspectors and detectives have launched a crackdown on suspected tax cheats as well as their putative helper Luxembourg on Tuesday. The action was Preparat months.

As the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported in its Wednesday edition, was at the center of the raid, the Commerzbank . Prosecutors and investigators have also inspected the headquarters in Frankfurt. Employees of the Luxembourg subsidiary of Commerzbank entities suspected to have played a large scale aid for tax evasion.

Commerzbank speaks of “old” cases

The Commerzbank confirmed the raid on request. The investigation relates to old cases that date back ten years or more. “These cases we will examine in-house and worked up in cooperation with the investigating authorities. We demand absolute transparency about the fact that all of our clients in Luxembourg include a clarified tax status,” said a spokesman. Commerzbank rest relationships with customers, their tax status is not clear on principle. they had “a personal interest in a rapid comprehensive education” and support “of course, the authorities actively and fully.”

Focus of such search shall loud “SZ” be the Rhineland, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate have been , But the prosecutor investigating Cologne in several hundred cases of tax evasion and facilitation of tax evasion. It is also about the suspicion of money laundering.

The event was originally scheduled for December, but had to be postponed because the Attorney General’s Office in Luxembourg rogatory German prosecutors declined, reports the “SZ”. The German prosecutors have therefore apart on a Luxembourg asset manager should play an important role in the affair.

There is far more controversial records

basis of the investigation was a record that bought some time ago for almost one million euros, the tax authorities in NRW, according to the “SZ”. The newspaper claims, however, that their searchers have a much larger amount of data is present as the investigators. The dataset covers tens of thousands of pages of secret contracts and documents, as well as more than a hundred thousand confidential emails that conclusions about thousands of offshore companies and their true owners from around the world enabled. The documents submitted by the Mossack Fonseca Group, a Panama-based, global provider of front companies, with operations in 33 countries.

Luxembourg was in recent months, due to the so-called Luxembourg leaks affair in the headlines. An international network reporter had revealed that companies in Luxembourg have reduced their tax payments to a minimum. The current EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had supported this system as a financial and later Prime Minister of Luxembourg. He stressed that all agreements were legal. Currently, an EU agency assesses the facts

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