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Connections for six million households: Telekom wants fast Internet to … – tagesspiegel

Connections for six million households: Telekom wants fast Internet to … – tagesspiegel

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So far, broadband Internet away from the big cities often have not. Now the Telekom plans to rapid expansion – at the expense of the other network operators.

The German Telekom wants to bring fast Internet connections to the cities now on the land. The plan is another 5.9 million households with fast Internet with speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s to provide said a Telekom spokesman on Friday. Should be

Matured previously underserved areas. Thanks to the project, the coverage of Germany with fast Internet should increase to 80 percent by 2018. Thus, the Bonn-based company goes well beyond its previous plan beyond that provided a cover of 65 percent by next year.

The cost of the project, Telekom wanted to give anything away.

Vodafone and Cancel O2 would have its own car

To use should there – so far as the expansion in the cities – come the so-called vectoring technology. However, that has a large hook: rivals who are with their own VDSL technology in telecom switching centers, the main distribution, represented, must cancel their tents there. Otherwise the complex vectoring not work. Which would affect 135,000 Internet connections from competitors or 1.5 percent of all Internet access via the telecom network, the spokesman said.

One of the major competitors include Telefonica with its brand O2, Vodafone and city carriers as EWEtel from Oldenburg. The Telekom but I have a solution and will offer the providers leased lines, said a company insider. The payment of compensation would be examined. Agree needs of the offensive nor the Federal Network Agency.

The broadband Breko Association criticized the plans of the Telekom sharp. The exclusive use of vectoring by Telekom would lead to a re-monopolization in the field of exchanges – and therefore to a reduction in choice for residential and business customers, it said. (rtr)

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