Friday, February 20, 2015

iCar: Apple plans electric car for 2020 – ABC Online

iCar: Apple plans electric car for 2020 – ABC Online

Friday, 02.20.2015, 10:08
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Apple could enter, according to a media report already in about five years in the market for electric cars. According to a media report, the iPhone Group exaggerating his team of developers to to start production as soon as 2020.

The iPhone Group exaggerating to his team of developers to start production as soon as 2020, wrote the Financial Services Bloomberg at night on Friday, citing people briefed. The time frame shows that Apple with the project pursues ambitious goals – usually lay the development time for new vehicles at five to seven years

action fueled speculation

The application of a specialist in electric car. batteries had previously provided a further indication of Apple’s ambitions in the vehicle market. The US manufacturer A123 moved to the change from five employees to Apple in court. The company accuses Apple of, among other things, systematically solicit high-tech experts, which hampers the operation of A123. Apple build a great competitive division on suspected the battery manufacturers. Also, five former employees sued.

Secret department with several hundred employees?

At the weekend had the “Wall Street Journal” and Bloomberg reported, Apple was developing in a secret compartment with several hundred employees a car with electric drive. That was the highlight so far several days of speculation about Apple’s plans in the car business. It is also known that leading employees, among others, Daimler and by automotive supplier Autoliv switched to the iPhone group.

Apple have been around 200 members in his car team, Bloomberg wrote on. In recent months, the search was accelerated by new employees.

The blog “9to5Mac” worked his way through the career network profiles by LinkedIn and discovered, among other things, that a former personnel manager of the electric car manufacturer Tesla is now working at Apple. Tesla she was responsible for the recruitment of engineers. Other newcomers included a specialist for hybrid drives by Ford and an interior designer Opel’s parent General Motors

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