Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Labor market: number of vacancies is at a record high – STAR

Labor market: number of vacancies is at a record high – STAR

M it increasingly robust economy are also improving the job opportunities for the unemployed. According to the findings of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) in February there was so many vacancies as never before. Their number had climbed to its highest level since the beginning of the appropriate records eleven years ago, shows the published job index BA-X of the Nuremberg federal authority. The indicator rose in the current month to the value of 183, down by one point over that measured in January-time high.

In comparison to the previous year improved the level of vacancies by 20 points. The absolute number of jobs offered by company wants the federal agency only publish together with the unemployment figures this Thursday.

“The overall good performance last year and the current positive mood can also be for the coming months very willing expect, “said the federal agency. In addition to the strong economy the many places also reflected currently greater willingness of many employees to change jobs. As a result, sites need to be frequently re-tendered. Job vacancies would be mainly in the health and social services, commerce and hospitality.

Even with economists German banks is now growing confidence in relation to the labor market. According to their forecasts, the resurgent economy for an unexpectedly strong boost in the German labor market is likely to provide. In average, the number of unemployed in 2015 could fall by 80,000 to 100,000, economists forecast in a survey by the German Press Agency. Originally they were starting from a much smaller decline in unemployment in section 2015.

Also in February, the labor market have relatively well developed despite the somewhat cooler weather. For the last month of winter, the economists around 3.05 million unemployed have calculated; which would be about 15,000 more than in January, but around 85,000 to 90,000 less than a year ago.

There are still barely noticeable economists consider that the effects of the introduced at the beginning of the minimum wage of 8, 50 € on the labor market. Heiko Peters economist of Deutsche Bank expects in the coming months. Currently, the effect of the strong economy and the early retirement wave will mitigated during the unreduced pension at 63. Are affected by the minimum wage according to the findings of Ifo expert Steffen Henzel so far mainly mini-jobbers. Their number was reduced as in November 2014 by 23,000.


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