Saturday, February 21, 2015

Department store Karstadt: Breakthrough in rehabilitation program – tagesspiegel

Department store Karstadt: Breakthrough in rehabilitation program – tagesspiegel

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In the negotiations between management and the General Karstadt the number of planned layoffs after the works have been reduced from the original 2750 to 1400 ,

The ailing Karstadt department store group has made claims to be a breakthrough in his rehabilitation program. In the negotiations with the Central and the trade union Verdi on a balance of interests and a social plan, a compromise had been reached, the company said on Saturday. Dismissals are to take place in 2750 only 1,400 people to be affected.

Karstadt reported after hard and intense negotiations was supported by a conciliation board a compromise with the General Works and Verdi successful.

The company is thus a decisive step come further in its restructuring efforts and lay a hundred percent on schedule.

Group management and employees have agreed to set up for those affected by layoffs employee a transfer company in order to further qualifications as well as possible. Socially acceptable measures such as early retirement and the use of natural fluctuation, the number of yet to be made redundant employees but can be significantly reduced already. Thus, the job cuts will as socially acceptable as possible within the framework of economic opportunities. An exact figure this was not mentioned.

Even with the of the union because of possible loss of pay for employees heavily criticized the company’s plans to form specialized service teams for the supply of goods, an agreement had been reached, reported the spokesman , Karstadt sit here and voluntary turnover. Change terminations and Abgruppierungen there would not be against it, the company said. Nevertheless, Karstadt could thus economically feasible to expand its consulting and service coverage massively.


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