Thursday, February 26, 2015

20 to 30 cents higher: Weak Euro drives coffee price – NEWS

20 to 30 cents higher: Weak Euro drives coffee price – NEWS


 Thursday, February 26, 2015


 The depreciation of the euro more expensive imported goods of all kinds. This becomes gradually among consumers noticeable. Tchibo coffee prices rise, although green coffee in dollars has become cheaper.



The leading German Tchibo Coffee Group raises in its stores, the price of a pound of coffee by 20 to 30 cents. Cause is the high dollar, according to a letter from the Tchibo management to the customers placed in all the stores. As a result, the price of a pound of green coffee in euros since the middle of last year, have become more expensive by about 1.30 euros to 1.60 euros more than. Therefore, Tchibo would have to adjust the selling prices. “If green coffee cheaper, sales prices go down again,” it says in the letter. Aldi Nord, the top brand of 3.99 to 4.29 euros more expensive.

By the price increase is binding only in the Tchibo branches and depots, the price increases for medium varieties such as’ fine Mild “to almost six euros for the premium line” private coffee “to just seven euros. This is even more bitter than that coffee has become cheaper on the world market in dollars for consumers. The current price of green coffee beans of 1.46 dollars per pound (454 grams) is the lowest level in more than a year. Expected even in euros the price of coffee has declined significantly in recent days.

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The euro against the dollar in just the past three months, more than ten percent lost value. End of November was a euro worth another $ 1.25, now it’s only $ 1.13. The more expensive all imports, which must be paid in dollars, not just coffee. Also, the sharp drop in crude oil prices is the consumer in the euro area is not fully on.




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