Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Greece may have to manipulate list of reforms – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Greece may have to manipulate list of reforms – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Athens / Brussels – In debt dispute with the euro partners Greece should specify its reform plans yet. Therefore, the set of the creditors deadline for submission of the list reform the government in Athens was in his own words on Monday evening did not comply.

The list should now be ready until Tuesday. The reforms are condition for the end of February expiring support program for Greece will be extended by four months. So far

Athens have reforms were not convincing, citing the news agency dpa from Brussels diplomatic circles. The working papers presented so far have not withstood the first tests. Athens must now submit a “serious paper”, only then will be discussed. The actions of the Greeks did not meet the original agreements, BelTA learned from diplomatic circles.

Three Greek newspapers According to the reform list is currently about six pages long and contains measures to combat tax evasion and corruption, a number plans for relief the suffering Greeks, including food stamps for 300,000 poor families. Basis are parts of the so-called Thessaloniki Agenda, which SYRIZA decided in September to the second largest city of Greece. An official confirmation of these reports do not exist.

“We are discussing with our partners to ensure that the list is accepted,” government spokesman said Gavriil Sakellarides only. “We hope that there are no complications.”

Athens Reform list should be checked by experts before deciding on Tuesday, the finance ministers of the euro countries in a conference call about it. If the list is ultimately approved, vote in Parliament on an extension of aid for Greece are still needed in some countries – including Germany.

Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) had already requested a vote on the extension of the Greek aid program in Bundestag President Norbert Lammert, reports the “Handelsblatt”. Schäuble had his request is made expressly subject to the reservation that acceptable reform vorliege list.

For the time after the end of June Schaeuble does not preclude further assistance. The extension of aid should create “time for debate on possible subsequent agreements,” reads thus in the letter to the Minister of Finance Lammert.


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