Friday, February 20, 2015

Successor of Mehdorn found: Karsten Mühlenfeld is new BER Chef – tagesspiegel

Successor of Mehdorn found: Karsten Mühlenfeld is new BER Chef – tagesspiegel

Kreuzberg blog

Berlin Kreuzberg. And vice versa. Hardly any other district of Berlin is so strongly associated as Kreuzberg with its capital in connection. What Kreuzberg moved many neighborhood stories and opinions you read in the hyperlocal project Tagesspiegel.

Kreuzberg Blog

Ku’damm blog

Everybody talks about the new lease at the famous Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm. We show the progress made but also shade sides of the development in the western city and confronting people there. Join the Ku’damm blog!

Ku’damm Blog

Pankow blog

Pankow is booming. The area north of Prenzlauer Berg is growing rapidly. In GDR times, lived mainly diplomats, officials and artists; Now families are added in the Prenzlauer Berg. An interesting mix. We report how the old Pankow changed and who changed it. And we tell stories from before 1989. They’re exciting than any thriller.

Pankow Blog

Wedding Blog

The Wedding lives. But how? Let’s find out together. We: the readers and journalists of the daily mirror. We write: A blog about Wedding. The old ones. The new one. The good. The bad. And the in between. Previously district until today event. Join the Wedding Blog!

Wedding Blog

Zehlendorf blog

Zehlendorf – fine, boring, rich? Forget it! We question together with adolescents, adults, celebrities, clichés and write interesting stories from the District: about people, local politics and a way of life with water and forest. Write in the Zehlendorf blog!

Zehlendorf Blog


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