Sunday, February 22, 2015

+++ +++ Greece crisis: Greece will submit reforms already – ABC Online

+++ +++ Greece crisis: Greece will submit reforms already – ABC Online

Updated on Sunday, 02.22.2015, 10:08
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Just before deadline is Greece and the euro-partners have agreed in debt dispute. The utility is extended by four months. Athens must submit a reform in return list. What if that does not fit the creditors? “Then,” said Athens Finance Minister, “we’re in trouble.”

  • Athens and Euro zone have agreed in debt dispute
  • utility is to be extended by four months
  • Greece must Monday reform list present
  • Schäuble is satisfied with result
  • What Greece do now must

Greek opposition: Fallen “for miles back “

09.40 Clock: In the Greek opposition met with sharp criticism of the agreement. The Socialists accused the government of “back for miles” to lead the country and play “theater for the domestic audience”. The Communists declared, “no matter what you call it, the agreement is basically the formal extension of the aid program under strict surveillance” and “essentially a continuation of the anti-popular reforms.”

Greeks in all respects yielded

09.25 Clock: The analyst Daniel Gros, however, told the Italian newspaper “La Stampa”, from a policy perspective, the Greeks had “indulged in all respects.” “You can not hope to get anything, just to give yet,” Gros said before

Reform list on Sunday – Varoufakis:. Consent “perfectly safe”

07:31 Clock: After the basic agreement on an extension of the aid program, the Greek government has already decided to submit the required list of commitments to reform a day earlier than planned. The document would completes on Sunday, said Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis after a cabinet meeting on Saturday in Athens. He was himself “perfectly safe” means that the list will meet with approval .

According to the adopted late Friday Final Declaration of the 19 euro finance ministers Greece must in return for new grants ” “until tomorrow” “present based on the previous program a list of reform measures. These should be examined preliminarily by the European Commission, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund.

If the three institutions that were previously known as the troika, as well as the Euro finance ministers on after a conference call Tuesday to, are in the countries – if necessary – the parliaments vote to extend the auxiliary agreement in good time before the end of February. Parliament consents are needed as in Germany and Finland. To be nailed down the final reforms then until the end of April

CSU. Vote on Athens-aids before March

Sunday, February 22, 07.15 clock: According to the vice-chairman of the CSU group in the Bundestag, Hans Michel Bach, is a Parliament vote on new aid for Greece at the earliest possible in March . “The Greek reform proposals that are to be delivered by Monday, must not only be checked by the governments exactly. The parliaments, which have to agree how the Bundestag, any changes must be subjected to the action of a deep examination,” said the chairman of the Union parliamentary group the Finance Committee the “Handelsblatt”. “Against this background, I think it is not imagine that the Bundestag can take a final decision on a transitional program for Greece before the end of February .”

The Parliament should not be under can put stress, stressed Michel Bach. The CSU politician requires the government in Athens, moreover, an explanation as to recovering the nearly 80 billion euros in tax receivables. This estimate is a quarter of the entire Greek sovereign debt. “Greece can not always address the partner about money, while even waived statutory tax revenue,” said the CSU financial expert. He also expect rapid progress in privatization. “Greece pushes privatization far too long in front of them.”

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