Monday, February 23, 2015

Swiss leaks – HSBC boss took mailbox company in Panama – Sü

Swiss leaks – HSBC boss took mailbox company in Panama – Sü

  • The head of HSBC was himself a customer of the Swiss bank, which is under pressure because of black money affair.
  • Stuart Gulliver needed the Swiss bank account by its own account, to keep secret bonuses front of his colleagues. As shown by the records of the Swiss leaks, he

also set up a shell company in the tax haven of Panama. From Bastian Brinkmann

Since 2011, Stuart Gulliver is head of the British bank HSBC. He wants to achieve, he said shortly after the arrival, the Institute shall stand with an intact or even better reputation if he retiring one day.

This will be even more difficult. For days, the HSBC is under pressure because the Swiss subsidiary HSBC Private Bank with tax evaders, blood diamond dealers and other criminals did business. Swiss authorities have initiated proceedings and searched the premises of the bank. And now also known that Stuart Gulliver himself a customer of the Swiss subsidiary was -. And used a shell company in the tax haven Panama

The documents of the Swiss leaks relating to the period until 2007. At that time, Gulliver head of the Hong Kong branch of HSBC. On the Swiss bank account bonus payments were shed, shared his lawyers with the Guardian . “He chose this method in order to be taxed Bonus kept secret in Hong Kong before his colleagues. They would not have been if they had been paid into an account in Hong Kong,” said the lawyer. A statement harass the customers of the bank could make a point that their account activity also remain secret.

And why is that Swiss bank account then also connected to a front company in Panama, the Worcester Equities Inc. ? It was founded half a year before the account was opened in 2001. Panama is one of the darkest tax havens, tax investigators from Europe have practically no chance. Demands to unanswered Gulliver lawyers the Guardian .


Herve Falciani The man behind the Swiss leaks documents

The data Hervé Falciani HSBC has stolen, he shocked the world and many rich tax evaders. Who is the man? Portrait – with videos

They emphasized instead that Gulliver’ve always paid all the taxes. Born in Derby Brite is domiciled and since moving to London to continue in Hong Kong. He had his Swiss bank account volunteered “for several years” and the British authorities, said his lawyers.

It was on this Monday, Gulliver must first public demands for black money affair put his bank. He presents the figures for the previous year. The London Institute will again have made many billions of pounds profit. But more importantly, the public will be interested in Gulliver’s Swiss bank account.


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