Thursday, February 19, 2015

Germany sees a resolution Athens “Trojan horse” – Reuters Germany

Germany sees a resolution Athens "Trojan horse" – Reuters Germany


– Jan Strupczewski and Tom Körkemeier


Brussels / Berlin (Reuters) – Just before the crucial meeting of euro zone finance ministers insisting that the federal government clear commitment to reform in Greece.


In a paper from Berlin to prepare for the meeting on Friday it was said that the Greek request for additional billions in loans of Thursday was a “Trojan horse”. Germany and Finland had rejected the request, while France spoke of an encouraging sign. The euro finance ministers of the government in Athens set a deadline of Friday. Greece threatens national bankruptcy, should by the end of the month no agreement can be reached.


The p aper of the Federal Government was the news agency Reuters before Thursday. It states with the request Greece would reach a bridge financing and stop the current utility’s bottom line. “The Greek letter is not clear, there is huge room for interpretation.” There are no clear commitments included that the current program will successfully completed and Greece turn any reform measures. Next was unclear how the Greek government would pay in view of the reduced tax revenues their bills. On this basis, no draft could be prepared for a final declaration of the Euro Group.





Before that, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel and the Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb had “failed” called the application. In contrast, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the letter from Athens was a “very encouraging”. The EU Commission spoke of a letter, which could pave the way for a compromise. The approval of a Greek request would have to be unanimous. Earlier euro problem countries such as Spain and Portugal also penetrate to implement reforms in Greece, they had to expect their people also. In addition to the displeasure of poorer euro countries.


In the present letter to Reuters, the government in Athens promised to want to bring the tool to a successfu l conclusion. But this case is to be taken as flexible as possible. The continued surveillance by the odious in Athens ‘troika’ of EU, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB) she agreed. After the “No” from Berlin, the front lines hardened. The Athens government said the euro group have only the options to accept the Greek proposal or not. Then’ll see who was interested in a solution.


During the day it came, according to insiders to various telephone conversations of those involved. From Greek government sources told Reuters by a 50-minute meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. There had been a constructive telephone conversation, it said. Details were not disclosed. Continued …


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