Thursday, February 26, 2015

Corruption at the new airport ?: office is investigating BER … – ABC Online

Corruption at the new airport ?: office is investigating BER … – ABC Online

Thursday, 26.02.2015, 17:37
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The new airport has been rocked by a new corruption case. The office is investigating allegations of bribery in a ‘very serious case “: The company that the controversial fire protection installed should have lubricated with millions

How to a spokesman confirmed on Thursday, is suspected of bribery and corruption in the most serious cases. The suspicion is directed against a former head of the airport and four former executives of a company that works for the airport on the site. This would include the “Bild am Sonntag” According to bribes totaling two million euros.

The Neuruppin public prosecutor’s office in December against a former construction area director of the BER and four executives of the company Imtech for bribery and corruption in particularly severe cases. As the prosecutor confirmed on request of the newspaper, the leading airport employees should have received a substantial amount of money in connection with contracts for the company in late 2012. Caused

defects and fee removed

In return, the engineer should have contributed to the company budget agreements. Specifically it is, among other things, two payments of the airport company to the company Imtech and the Consortium Imtech / Caverion (IMCA) in the amount of 60 million euros. Although the relevant supplemental bills had not yet been tested, the airport transferred the money because the company claimed to go bankrupt otherwise.

However, the Board had approved the deal. In addition, the employees have the beginning of 2013 signed supplementary works contracts for which the company was paid by the hour for the correction of deficiencies -. Deficiencies, where she had previously been directly involved

prosecutor is safe with cash

The airport has already been pointed out in mid-2013, an anonymous letter to the Ombudsman on suspicion of corruption, the “Bild am Sonntag” on. However, only an internal investigation would have caused at the construction company last year with the strong evidence. So a Imtech employee told a hearing that would still owe the former head of BER 1.8 million euros. According to a further statement you have already paid a “deposit” in the amount of 200,000 euros.

During a subsequent search warrant prosecutors discovered a vault with cash. But it is still unclear where the money came from. This staff member is now no longer works for the airport. Mid-2013, he left the company at a fair price and with a letter of recommendation

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