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+++ +++ Greece crisis: Agreement in debt dispute: Greece must … – ABC Online

+++ +++ Greece crisis: Agreement in debt dispute: Greece must … – ABC Online

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Just before deadline is Greece and the euro-partners have agreed in debt dispute. The utility is extended by four months. Athens must submit a reform in return list. What if that does not fit the creditors? “Then,” said Athens Finance Minister, “we’re in trouble.”

  • Athens and euro zone agree
  • utility is to be extended by four months
  • Greece must Monday reform list present
  • Schäuble is satisfied with result

This tells the Greek press

09.54 Clock: agreement of the Euro group and employs Greece on Saturday the entire Greek press. Here, commentators are almost unanimous: The left-right government led by Alexis Tsipras will not stay much leeway to implement their campaign promises such as pension increases into action.

“agreement in a suffocating framework,” leads the conservative tradition newspaper “Kathimerini” : “The government has arrived in reality and has done what they do needed to ensure that the country does not go bankrupt, “says the paper. All have to work together for the Greeks, so that everything is put into action without further turbulence and “not lost the efforts of recent years.”

The tabloid “Ethnos” subtitled: “breezing through June after the compromise with the Euro group.” The secrets of the new agreement: election promises are frozen – every measure must be reviewed and approved by the donors, the Journal reported on.

The party newspaper of the ruling Left Alliance “I Avgi” headline: “New Ära- without Memorandum and troika”. Athens has now four months time to work out a new contract for growth.

The conservative newspaper “Eleftheros Typos” commented: “Brake for election promise and list for reform.” The government is bound to make any of the measures already taken austerity measures without the approval of the lenders reversed.

The traditional newspaper of the political center “Ta Nea” says that the relations of ruling party SYRIZA with the euro country had now fairly normal. The horror scenarios with a Greek exit from the euro zone, with credit controls were over. All measures adopted by Athens would have to be approved by the donors, reports the Journal.

approval and criticism in Greece after agreement with Brussels

09.12 Clock: Almost all Greek parties have an agreement between the government the left Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras welcomed with donors. “The worst has been averted. And this is the good,” it said in a statement the opposition conservative party New Democracy (ND) on Saturday morning. The actions of the government in the past few days the land was but now placed under even stricter control of donors.

“Alexis Tsipras has probably chosen the path of logic at the end. (…) The nightmare scenario of a withdrawal from the euro zone has been averted for now,” said the pro-European party of the political center “The River “(the river).

The socialist Pasok commented: “The End of Illusions (for Tsipras government) has come”. Had the government not arrived, in reality, they would set the country back by years.

The Communists (KKE) said that the agreement in Brussels was nothing more than a continuation of the austerity programs.

“That or it’s closing”

07.34 Clock: sound is coming from the negotiations, how hard the negotiations were conducted on Friday. Fact: The Greeks seem to swallow hard to digest in this third crisis meeting within less than two weeks. The critique of the application of the new left-right government for an extension of grants without the required clear commitments was great, not only by the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. Here, before the Athens department chief Varoufakis had praised itself for the compromise. Athens had gone “Ten miles” instead of just “a mile.”

The Euro Group has therefore negotiated extremely hard. After the Euro group had presented their version of the reform proposals, called Euro group chief Dijsselbloem the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and said. “That or it’s closing”

“On Tuesday, comes Yes or No “

Saturday, February 21: 07.23 clock: Despite the agreement on Friday night is trembling for Greece until Tuesday next. The Austrian Finance Minister Hans Jörg Schelling said on Tuesday there will be a conference call of the Euro Group department heads. “And if comes from there the green light, the program may be extended for four months. On Tuesday in the morning is a yes or no.”

Chairman of the CSU SME Union, Hans Michel Bach , the agreement holds not yet subscribed to. “Europe must not be put off by Greece with empty promises,” he said on Friday night in Berlin.

The Left Party politician Sahra Wagenknecht said, however, it was incredible, with which ignorance, the Greek government had been blackmailed in the negotiations. “It is good that the federal government was thwarted with their relentless all-or-nothing position of the other euro countries.”

conference call on Tuesday to final decision to bring

23.25 Clock: According to the Austrian Finance Minister Hans Jörg Schelling it will host a conference of the Euro Group responsible ministers on Tuesday to give , “And if there comes from the green light, the program may be extended for four months,” Schelling said after the meeting in Brussels. “On Tuesday in the morning is a yes or no.”

Governing circles: No more capital controls necessary

23.11 Clock: After the unification of the Greeks with the Euro-partners are there for the government in Athens according to data from the ECB circles no reason to introduce capital controls. These are now excluded, a source said late Friday. In addition, certain special rules for the Greek financial institutions could now be reintroduced, it was said. Condition is that necessary for the extension steps were actually made. Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann had this set on Thursday night in Outlook

In Video:. Slugfest between Schäuble and Tsipras

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