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+++ +++ Greece crisis: Alexis Tsipras evaluates agreement in the debt dispute … – ABC Online

+++ +++ Greece crisis: Alexis Tsipras evaluates agreement in the debt dispute … – ABC Online

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Just before deadline is Greece and the euro-partners have agreed in debt dispute. The utility is extended by four months. Athens must submit a reform in return list. What if that does not fit the creditors? “Then,” said Athens Finance Minister, “we’re in trouble.”

  • Athens and Euro zone have agreed in debt dispute
  • utility is to be extended by four months
  • Greece must Monday reform list present
  • Schäuble is satisfied with result
  • What Greece needs to do now

These three hurdles need to Greece next week take

18.40 Clock: The relief is great after the agreement in principle on debt dispute between the new Greek government and the euro group. But in the coming days, must follow some important steps to extend the program for four months until the end of June.

Monday: HURDLE ONE Until Monday, the government in Athens must be “a first list of reform measures” present that wants to implement it. The European Commission, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) evaluate the projects then in summary proceedings and must give the green light.

Tuesday: HURDLE TWO The Euro finance ministers on Tuesday in turn advise whether they are sufficient the assurances from Athens. The agreement of the institutions and the Euro group are crucial. “If the list is not an endorsement, then the agreement is dead,” says Greece’s Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis.

UNTIL THE END OF THE WEEK: HURDLE THREE In some euro area countries nor the parliaments of the extensions of the aid program must agree, also in Germany. This must be done by the end of the week, as the current program ends on Saturday. Therefore, the Bundestag should deal with it on Thursday or Friday. The exact date has yet to be determined

demonstration in Greece for closure of refugee camps

18.37 clock. In Greece, hundreds of demonstrators have an immediate closure of a refugee camp in Athens demanded. Nearly 300 protesters forced their way today into the camp of Amygdaleza, where they were greeted by dozens of cheering migrants before they were pushed back by the security forces back to the entrance.

“No refugee camp, never, never,” cried the demonstrators. They carried a banner reading: “concentration camps can not be improved, they must be destroyed.”

The bearing of Amygdaleza is actually designed for a thousand inhabitants, but to live there much more illegal migrants. The sanitary and living conditions are so difficult that it already repeatedly gave hunger strikes and other protests.

The guided by the Left Party SYRIZA government had promised after the suicide of a Pakistani migrants in Amygdaleza on 14 February which has long been controversial refugee camp to close. However, the junior coalition partner, the right-wing populist party Independent Greeks occurs (Anel), one for the strict limitation of immigration. Human rights activists fear that Anel blocked the efforts of SYRIZA to close the camp

Irish Minister. Was Greek banking system at risk

17.18 Clock: Without the agreement in debt dispute with the Euro-partners the banking system in Greece, in the words of the Irish Minister for Finance Michael Noonan would have collapsed within a few days. “The greatest threat to Greece was that its banking system would have gone down the drain next Wednesday,” Noonan told the TV station RTE. First issue in the negotiations between the Euro group and the crisis country on Friday especially important to prevent that Greece financially break down in the new week. When you have brought the country for four months financially safe, could further discussion as a third utility follow, added the politician.

“The Drops is not sucked”

15.56 Clock: The agreement on an extension of the aid program for Greece has met in Germany mostly a positive reception. The Union will examine the reform commitments of the government in Athens but just before the Bundestag vote on it, as Group Vice Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) emphasized. Greens and the Left demanded to improve the social situation in the threatened bankruptcy country.

The Bundestag must agree in principle agreed between the Euro group and the Greek Government extension of the aid program for four months in the next few days. This is from the perspective of Brinkhaus not automatic: “The Drops is not sucked”, the CDU politician warned the government in Athens, with a view to reform pledges must make Greece until Monday

European Commission Vice. Dombrovskis welcomes Greece decision

15.20 Clock: European Commission Vice Valdis Dombrovskis has the basic agreement hailed as “ important step forward ” in the debt dispute with Greece , The Greek government has clearly indicated its willingness to respect the conditions of the international loan program, the Commissioner said today. Athens had agreed also to meet its financial obligations, the Latvian news agency quoted him Leta.

“There was, of course, various concerns the extent to which the Greek government can be trusted in the light of their contradictory announcements and ambiguous rhetoric. But at the meeting a step forward was taken to renew the trust,” Dombrovskis said about the meeting of the Euro Group on Friday night. Greece must present proposed changes to the program activities and establish clear fiscally.

“Greek economy was not cut off the air”

14.51 Clock: After the agreement in principle on a bridge support, the Greek government is on even more difficult negotiations with the Euro-partners. Government spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis emphasized on Saturday that the agreement of Friday is just a first step. “We have gained time,” he told the station Mega TV. “The Greek economy and the Greek government was not cut off the air -. As it may have been the original plan in political centers abroad and within the country” He who assumed these intentions, Sakellaridis not said

Tsipras sold unification of Brussels as a victory over Europe

13.49 clock. The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has the agreement in principle on debt dispute with the Euro-partners referred to as “significant step” for Greece. However, it must still much to be done for the country to get out of the crisis and could stand on its own, Tsipras said on Saturday in a televised speech. “We have a fight, but not won the war” , Tsipras said. Greece was on Friday the plans of conservative forces at home and abroad averted had the intention to “the land to choke,” Tsipras added.

The agreement of Brussels open a wide door for reforms such as the fight against tax evasion and corruption. “The road is still long and difficult,” said Tsipras but at the same time. The people knew that the negotiations were now entering a new phase, leading to growth and employment

The heavily indebted Greece can hope for further financial assistance from the euro-partners -.. However, the Greek government must start the week to submit acceptable austerity and reform proposals. Then it was actually extended to the end of February expiring utility for another four months

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