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How does the new 20-euro note from – THE WORLD

How does the new 20-euro note from – THE WORLD

The coincidence could hardly be better. Then enter the European finance ministers Greece green light for the revised tool to keep the country in the euro zone. At the same time, the head of the European Central Bank, a new bill that very currency ago, at the stake.

Mario Draghi was on Tuesday afternoon in Frankfurt as well unimpressed by the upheavals of the past few days. “The euro banknotes that we use every day to bring us closer together,” he said. Then was cut short by the curtain and the new twenties was unveiled.

However, the big surprise was from those present. For, as before with the new certificates to five and ten euro also the design of the Zwanziger only in details from the previous version is different. However, these small changes tell quite a lot about the functioning of the euro-zone.

In addition, the 20-euro bill gets an added safety feature, this and the five the numeric still missing. As a result, the counterfeiters are now to the future hard nut to crack the bill, the before-heard together with the fifties to the most imitated banknotes.

denomination on Bulgarian

Of course, the new 20-euro bill in blue is kept. However, the color is a little more to turquoise. Identical to the window and bridges from the Gothic period, which can be seen on it. However, these motifs now appear plastic, some three-dimensional

However, it remains purely fictional representations that have no real role model -. Thus avoids a single European country to be preferred.

An obvious change is also found in the denomination “euro” in the notes instead, which is now the exception of Latin and Greek letters gained in Cyrillic appears. This takes into account that Bulgaria is a member of the EU since 2007, because the design of the bills so oriented that those who are in the EU, not about who has already adopted the euro.

Photo: ECB The abbreviation reprinted for “European Central Bank” in nine official languages ​​of the EU

For the same reason, the new notes in the left margin now nine shortcuts from to see three letters. This is an abbreviation for “European Central Bank” in all the official languages ​​of the EU. Since joined since the first issue of euro notes from 2001 to today 13 new EU countries and thus new official languages ​​have been added, had also the number of abbreviations from five to nine combinations of letters to be extended.

Croatian, however, continue

missing ensure that all official languages ​​are covered – except Croatian. Because Croatia is only since mid-2013 in the EU, the publication of the new notes was, however, already decided against even got the new five-euro bill in circulation before. Therefore, the Croatian variant ESB still missing.

On the European map on the back of the note after all, the territory of Croatia is already ready. And more recently, Malta and Cyprus are now seen there. Both were missing on the old versions of the Zwanziger, because when this was released, the island states were not part of the EU.

Photo: ECB How does the new 20-euro note from the rear

The islets are left to see from the map of Europe separated by a semicolon thereof, however, remain the same, they were just arranged a little differently. These are the French overseas territories Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion, as well as to French Guiana. There, the euro is also considered.

But the new bill also feels a little different. For, as the other new banknotes he receives a painting, to make it more durable. Just the most heavily used certificates to 50 euros so far had a relatively short time damage, on average, they had to be withdrawn after three and a half years. The new will now last longer, and will ultimately save money

number of flowers recently risen dramatically

Above all, the new bills will be safer. Because the number of detected flowers has increased dramatically again only in recent months. While 331,000 counterfeit notes were withdrawn from circulation in the first half of 2014 in the entire euro zone, it was in the second half of this year 507,000.

accounted for a quarter while the 50-euro note, however, 60 percent of the Twenties. Its share had lead to significant increases – apparently the forgers want quickly even get rid of the marks before the new bill comes into circulation

Photo: ECB The Emerald 20 changes color when tilted

This is how even the new fives and tens contain a numerical value, which is held in emerald green. Their color changes when tilting the certificate. An important safety feature is the ribbing on the left and right edges of the front and the main subject in the Scriptures and the great value number.

New, unique safety feature

However, the new 20-euro bill receives yet another, additional security feature that previously did not exist in the other two new bills. It is situated in the printed silver strip on the right side of the front. Then are all certificates holograms of a window and the mythological figure of Europe.

Photo: ECB New Security Feature: The hologram of a window and the mythological figure of Europe

In the twenties the window contained in the hologram is clear, however, if you hold the bill up to the light. In this transparent window then a portrait of Europe, which can be seen from both sides of the bill appears. “A true innovation in the bill Technology” according to Draghi’s statement.

In addition, the bill receives some additional security features, however, are no longer visible to the naked eye are. So glow under UV light, the stars in the flag as well as several other sites, some yellow, some red. Also fibers in the paper incorporated that fluoresce under this light in three colors.

Under infrared light is finally almost nothing to see around the bill except the emerald value number, the right side of the main subject and the silver stripes on the front and value number and serial number on the back.

country of origin certificates can not be traced

A final change concerns precisely this serial number. After all was seen by the initial letter of the old notes which national central bank has brought the bill in circulation. The X stood for example, the German Bundesbank.

The serial number of the new notes, however, each begins with two letters, and these refer only to the print shop, in which the bill was produced. And now that customers now execute orders by various central banks, the bill here therefore can not be clearly assigned to a central bank.

The print jobs for the new twenties are already mostly awarded the printing presses rattle already. In the coming months first bill, for example, distributed to machine manufacturers who can then adjust their equipment.

At the same time the individual central banks hold seminars for those with the dealing introduction of the new notes. Because this is not a simple matter -. After all, some 3.2 billion of these bills in circulation, which must be replaced gradually

ECB organized online game with chance to win


includes a computer game, which the ECB wants to make the new security features of the population to the preparations. In a variation of the popular tetris game, users have to earn the individual features

The game is until March 31 at http: //. Game- 20.new-euro-banknotes.eu/ online. The 100 best players the possibility to win something, but no new 20-euro bill, but a new, sealed in acrylic 10-euro note. Its value is the ECB but at least with 20 euros.


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