Wednesday, February 25, 2015

+++ +++ Greece crisis: Greece-aids: The Bundestag ignored … – ABC Online

+++ +++ Greece crisis: Greece-aids: The Bundestag ignored … – ABC Online

Updated on Wednesday, 25/02/2015, 10:38 am
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Just before deadline is Greece and the euro partner in debt dispute have agreed. The utility is extended by four months. Athens sets in return to reform list. But the content there are new dispute

Only 21 percent of new aid for Greece

10.38 clock. Only one in five German (21 percent) is that the EU grant the requested extension of the Greek government grants. This is an exclusive from INSA survey for “image” out. The largest of encouragement for an extension of the grants still in voters of the Left (36 percent), the Greens (32 percent) and the SPD (26 percent). At least he is at AfD voters (11 percent), the CDU / CSU (20 percent) and the FDP (22 percent).

With a very low approval for extending financial aid for Greece is thus in men , West German and younger. INSA-chief Hermann Binkert: “A continuation of financial aid for Greece is rejected by the vast majority of Germans. Actual majority and alleged parliamentary majority contradict themselves clearly. This happens, but would have dramatic consequences, it should be the rule. “

The Bundestag’s probably true on Friday on an extension of the current aid program for Greece for four months from.

09.45 Clock: German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble attenuates Greece hopes for an early aid payments to its European partners. Schaeuble said on Wednesday in SWR, the southern European Euro country must comply with the commitments of the ongoing aid program, which is now to be extended. “Only when they have fully satisfied, it is paid,” he said. “There is no paid € before.”

09th 21 Clock: The approximately 240 billion euros, which have so far been invested in the support program for Greece must be written off – that says Otmar Issing, former chief economist of the European Central Bank, the Bavarian Radio. “This money will you never see them again for sure.”

09.17 Clock: The reforms announced were likely to quickly bring the Greek State funds, says Sven Giegold, financial spokesman for the Greens in European Parliament, the Bayerischer Rundfunk. “The new program is socially and economically reasonable, and therefore there is no reason now suddenly to say no.”

Athens receives possibly more than 20 billion euros aid

08.20 Clock: After the extension of the current second Greek aid program hold leading coalition politicians according to a report from July a third bailout worth tens of billions necessary. It was “absolutely clear” that there was a third program in the summer, citing the “Rheinische Post” on Wednesday from coalition parties. The CDU Economic Council promoted to the Bundestag vote on aid for Greece for a tough stance.

In an interview is from July a third utility of at least 20 billion euros, reported the “Rheinische Post”. When asked whether another aid package will need in the summer, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) have said in the Union Group meeting on Tuesday after participants information: “One should never say never.”

Video: Step in right direction – agreement in the debt dispute with Greece

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