Monday, March 30, 2015

Verdi: Another strike at Amazon in Werne and Rheinberg – RP ONLINE

Rheinberg / Werne. Amazon in Rheinberg and Werne employees have resigned their work again. This was confirmed by the competent Verdi strike leader Sabine Busch and Karsten Rupprecht early Monday morning.

The walkout began with the early shift, he shall take up Tuesday night. Earlier in the night Amazon employees were on strike in Bad Hersfeld and Leipzig. With Rheinberg and Werne Koblenz followed. The company assures its customers despite the strikes on-time delivery to Easter to when’ll appointed until Tuesday night.

Rheinberg: Insight into the interior of Amazon PHOTO: Fischer, Armin

The union wants to Amazon move to engage in collective bargaining – the better conditions of retail and mail order trade

. The Company disclaims that and points out that the payment of employee orientation at the upper part of the logistics industry. Since the spring of 2013, it always comes back to strike

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