Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ex-Arcandor Manager: Thomas Middelhoff declares bankruptcy – STAR

D he former top manager Thomas Middelhoff has filed for insolvency proceedings against its assets under pressure from his creditors. This was confirmed on Tuesday the district court Bielefeld Bielefeld and continued the lawyer Thorsten Fuest as a provisional liquidator. From this was initially received no comments. Middelhoff attorney Winfried Holter Müller did not respond. The former head of the former Karstadt Arcandor mother and the media giant Bertelsmann had been sentenced for embezzlement and tax evasion in mid-November by the Landgericht food to three years in prison. He sits in custody ever since.

Middelhoff currently fighting on several fronts. Two weeks ago he had failed in an attempt to come to the payment of a deposit of around 900,000 Euros released. Against Infidelity judgment of the District Court eating along with the sentence, his lawyers have appealed to the Bundesgerichtshof. The district court food looked it proven that Middelhoff settled accounts among other private flights with charter jets and helicopters from Arcandor and so a total of inflicting damage of about half a million euros his former employer. The management consultant Roland Berger asks Middelhoff loud Bielefeld District Court nearly seven million euros.

The Bochum prosecutors had indicted again Middelhoff in January. In this case, it is, according to a spokesman for the payment of the Arcandor Group in the amount of 800,000 euros from the year 2009 to the University of Oxford. It is suspected that there had been no consideration for it. The court must decide whether it will accept the charge. Middelhoff calls itself again from Sal. Oppenheim in a civil action, the payment of fixed deposits and repayment of interest and principal payments on loans totaling around 100 million euros. The bank had responded with a countersuit.


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