Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Group staggers after German Wings crash: Lufthansa loses total loss … – ABC Online

Wednesday, 25.03.2015, 19:29
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Pilot strikes, cost problems – and now a terrible misfortune: The crash of the German Wings Maker is a disaster for the parent company Lufthansa. Germany’s biggest airline is economical with his back to the wall.

Until this Tuesday was the German Wings brand in the Lufthansa -Konzern a good sound. However, with the terrible crash of a 24-year-old Airbus A320 jets in the French Alps combined with the name of the Cologne Lufthansa subsidiary to a blow not only mourning for probably 150 deaths. For the Group stands by the total loss of the plane, the Nimbus technical reliability to the game

While on the crash will speak out of respect for the victims, none of the officials about it. The crash hits a company can economically the core. High pension costs, misspeculations the kerosene and the ongoing labor disputes have melt almost zero to the Dax Group profit last year.

CEO under pressure

It is not yet decided whether CEO Carsten Spohr can bring the fighting pilots and other professional groups to a tough austerity. Evidence that Lufthansa also cheap in addition to a premium listing can a trained pilot must also still compete.

“This is for Spohr a slap in the face,” says a former adviser who shall not be named .

In the video – will “although even it is not clear why the machine crashed All those who already say all the time, you should not save and go no cheap strategy, watch now confirmed.” This was the route of the accident Machine

Exchange inexorably has

The Stock Exchange, the negative consequences of the accident for the company first in a Step anticipated before and the share price almost the end of the stock market barometer Dax sent.

much is at stake for the largest aviation group in Europe. Technical and organizational security reliability belong to the core brand, has been frequently invoked Spohr. The recent crash of Lufthansa aircraft are already decades ago and demanded far fewer deaths.

“For Lufthansa will cause a significant fidelity, which is not to clean up again without further notice”, for example, says the analyst Jochen Rothbacher of Equinet Bank. Even if the airline itself was not to blame, stay in the perception of customers always negative hanging.

Also, the aircraft manufacturer Airbus could pulled analyst estimates in economic affected will, if unfavorable details cause of the crash were to become known.

mark before the end

Despite remarkable progress in the past two years to the Brand Name German Wings soon disappear into oblivion. Long before the accident, Lufthansa has announced plans that they want to be away from their hubs in Frankfurt and Munich only under the brand name “Euro Wings” low on the go from this fall.

The 58 “German Wings” -Jets namely to are not repainted again, the tickets but be bookable only under € Wings.

background are significant cost advantages in the Euro-daughter. While the pilots of the German Wings work at almost the same conditions as their colleagues at Lufthansa, earning € Wings-pilot considerably less. German Wings with its currently 58 aircraft management no longer cheap enough, the unit cost of the airline are indeed some 20 percent below the Lufthansa mother, but also a further 20 per cent above the sister company Euro Wings (23 jets) and foreign competitors

Cheap pilots

How long the company German Wings still depends not least on the collective bargaining negotiations with the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC). Lufthansa has already threatened the expensive German Wings pilots to move as quickly as possible to Lufthansa.

One machine after the other could be used to Cheap sister Euro Wings switch and flown from better pilots.

The crash in the French Alps, the entire strategy might falter. “This is for Spohr at the wrong time,” said aviation consultant.

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