Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crash over France: On the ruins can still be seen the … – ABC Online

The ruins are scattered in the valley, rescue workers are searching for survivors – most likely in vain. Helicopter footage shows the location in the French Alps, where an Airbus A320 crashed the German Wings, from previously unknown causes. The Government of the Region has said that no piece of debris larger than a small car is – Eyewitnesses supplemented, you only have to look around rubble and corpses.

The plane crashed en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf southern France, with 150 people on board. Why the Airbus crashed, was initially unclear. According to German Wings, the aircraft flew only a minute in the planned cruise altitude, then went for eight minutes to descend before radio contact broke off. The accident has likely survived none of the occupants of flight 4U9525 – reports of an alleged survivors have not confirmed such

Among the dead are also 67 German, including 16 students and 2 teachers of a school of holders on the lake.. They were flown to a student exchange to Barcelona. After the disaster allegations against German Wings were raised: The machine had been the day before with technical problems in Dusseldorf on the ground. A spokeswoman for the German Wings Lufthansa mother spoke of “irregularities” that had been resolved, however. Where the truth lies in this tragic case, only time will probably prove.

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