Thursday, March 26, 2015

Facebook evaluates Messenger – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has something against the Messenger



The social network Facebook has received in recent years more and more competition. There are, for example, now many popular points of contact when it comes to the exchange of text messages or photos on smartphones, of Snapchat on Instagram and Whatsapp to Asian services such as line and WeChat. In order not to lose ground, Facebook has bought some of these emerging competitors like Instagram and Whatsapp for billions.


Roland Lindner. Author: Roland Lindner, born in 1970, business correspondent in New York

In addition, Facebook has also tried to give his own short message service messenger greater weight. Among other things, Facebook has forced its members last year to install Messenger as a separate application (“app”) on their smartphones when they want to communicate with their friends through the service. And just last week it was announced that Facebook wants to give the service a pay function. Messenger users can then send money to friends within the app.


On Wednesday, Facebook announced on his complaint to software developers conference “F8″ in San Francisco a further step in order to upgrade Messenger. Messenger will be extended to an entire platform that integrates Apps by outside software developers. Thus, Facebook wants in his chat service pursue a similar path as has happened many years ago on the master page when it was opened for video games and other services from third parties. Messenger also is following the example of Asian competitors such as WeChat and line, which also have a wider range of functions beyond the sending of messages. A similar realignment of Whatsapp is initially did not seem to expect.


To start around 40 different apps to be connected to Messenger. Some of these apps are meant to enrich the chats between users with videos and music. Messenger but should also be linked with apps from companies such as online retailers. This is to assist users, for example, to communicate with customer service representatives or track, when orders are delivered.


As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in San Francisco, the Messenger app now has 600 million users. Whatsapp is already at 700 million, while the root service Facebook has 1.4 billion users.


Facebook on Wednesday had a few other new features to offer, as instruments, advertisers should provide more insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns. The market showed little impressed by the announcements. The share price of Facebook on Wednesday lost nearly 3 percent in value, but in a very weak environment. The stock also still listed near their all-time highs.



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Social Media

Facebook evaluates Messenger

From Roland Lindner, New York

Facebook wants to give his short message service amid increased competition a boost. Messenger will be developed into a platform, as well as has been done on the root page of years ago. From now on, apps are integrated by outside developers.

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