Saturday, March 28, 2015

Greece: Piraeus port shall it be sold – THE WORLD

Greece has made a U-turn in the privatization project port of Piraeus (OLP). His government was prepared to the majority of the Port for sale within weeks, quoted the Chinese news agency Xinhua on Saturday Deputy Prime Minister of Greece Jannis Dragasakis.

After her Appointed the new government had still says under the leadership of the left SYRIZA party in January it would put an end to the austerity and privatization policies of previous governments. Stop it first wanted also to sell a majority of 67 percent at the port of Piraeus. On the five-list of prospective candidates for these plans was to date the Chinese Cosco Group.

The privatization of the main Greek port was one of the projects to which the government of then-Prime Minister Antonis Samaras had pledged in return for financial aid. That the new government now comes back on, apparently related to the acute financial needs of the country together.

Cosco and its competitors are invited to a competitive bid for the submit port, Dragasakis said after a report by the Chinese agency during a visit to the People’s Republic. The transaction could be completed in a short time. The politician signaled that the Chinese company can make hopes for the business.

The Greek government on Friday its been mentioned as reform package for the institutions of the former Troika submitted. Their positive vote this could mean a decisive step to make the risk of bankruptcy ashore relief funds of 7.2 billion euros free.

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