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Lufthansa plans: the slow end of German Wings – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



Great attention should be given the name “German Wings” no longer be granted. The Lufthansa Group had already sent the brand of its subsidiary in Cologne towards siding. But the misfortune of flight 4U9525 has lifted the name “German Wings” again in the headlines. The crash of the A320 aircraft is the misfortune with most fatalities in the history of the Lufthansa Group. All 144 passengers and six crew members are apparently died.


Timo Kotowski. Author: Timo Kotowski, born in 1978, editor in business

The History of the Lufthansa Group heard, however, that there has been in flight operations rarely been serious incidents. In the list of the safest airlines in the world, the Group was ranked so far on the twelfth place presentable. The search for the most recent crash of an aircraft with Lufthansa logo into the year 1974. Now, as yet unknown circumstances, a flight of German Wings took a tragic end – at a time when the swan song was already sung on the brand.



Most of the time flew the German Wings from 2002 built up in the shadow of the parent company Lufthansa. It dominated the care of a budget offshoot could make the main brand too much competition. Until 2012, the Group contributed to – and transferred all domestic and European flights that do not begin or end in Frankfurt or Munich, the second brand. But this period is coming again to an end – and this is far adopted in the consolidated thing. The decision has nothing to do with the crash in the French Alps. However, the disaster has become a concomitant of the brand on the way out of the limelight.


instead of € Wings German Wings

Even the winter timetable, which comes into force in late October, will no longer stand for the German Wings Cheap segment include the parent brand Lufthansa. From advertising the name German Wings should disappear. Henceforth Euro Wings to be the dominant name for the business with short- and medium-haul flights beyond the hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, with connections at low rates on long-haul routes.


However, a farewell is provided in installments. “German Wings will remain as a production brand and be present, for example, with their own aircraft continued,” CEO Oliver Wagner said a few weeks ago the future concept in the tourism trade magazine “FRC”. Meaning: From autumn Travelers can only book Euro Wings tickets. The flight numbers begin with the Euro Wings identifier “EW” instead of the former German Wings identifier “4U”. At the airport, but it may be that passengers are asked to get started in a jet with German Wings inscription. But of which there will be much less than before.


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€ Wings is the holding company for a budget segment. And the new Euro Wings then ordered tickets, which performs German Wings in the order. Under marketing aspects that will have the advantage that the Lufthansa Group can go for the realigned segment across Europe to catch customers. The Group sees the advantage that the Euro Wings staff not covered by the Lufthansa Group collective agreement. Cost reductions of up to 40 percent should be possible, while German Wings operates only about 20 percent cheaper than the parent company.



While it from fall only to give € Wings tickets, a quick repaint of the recent German Wings aircraft is not foreseen for the time being. How long has the company German Wings still flies himself, also depends on how long it considers the Group to be economically viable, compared to € Wings use more expensive German Wings pilots. After the shocking accident but all collective disputes are in abeyance.


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A 320 The workhorse of aviation

The A320 model is the best selling aircraft Airbus Group. So far, it is considered safe. The crash in southern France shocked the entire industry. For the Lufthansa Group is the first crash of an airliner for years.
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Lufthansa plans: the slow end of German Wings

Lufthansa plans

The slow end of German Wings

From Timo Kotowski

The plane crash brings German Wings in the discussion. However, Lufthansa has decided weeks ago, from autumn to sell German Wings tickets in today.

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