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Live Scores crashes German Wings flight 4U9525: 72 German under the … – tagesspiegel

13:14 clock Lutz Haverkamp, ​​Mohamed Amjahid, Ruth Ciesinger, Kai Portmann

in southern France, the rescue work continues at the crash of the Airbus A320 Lufthansa subsidiary German Wings. A box has been found, but he is obviously damaged. On board flight 4U9525 150 people, including 72 German died. Our live ticker of the events

Hotline for Dusseldorf Airport for members: 0800-7766350


Crisis Hotline of the Foreign Office in Berlin: 030 – 5000 3000

Hotline German Wings: 0800-1133 5577

The crash of German Wings flight 4U9525 in the French Alps 150 people have been killed on Tuesday. Many of these are German. The events of the past for future reference here.

13.12 clock: Bad weather hampered flight from Merkel and Hollande to the accident

Because of bad weather, the French authorities organize a plan B for Angela Merkel and François Hollande. Vehicles have positioned close to the airport. If it is not possible to fly towards the Alps by helicopter, the motorcade would bring the two leaders after Seyne. French security officials at the airport suspect that Merkel and Hollande can get to the scene of the accident in about 30 minutes by helicopter if the weather does not worsen

13.07 clock. Merkel arrived in Marseille

The machine of Angela Merkel has arrived in Marseille, shortly before the plane of Francois Holland had landed. The two leaders meet on the tarmac

13.00 clock. Dobrindt: “Any speculation is ruled out”

A visibly entrained Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) who has yet on Tuesday along with Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) flew over the crash site, describes at noon in front of the Transport Committee briefly his impressions. You’ve seen the helpers, as they had been roped in part by helicopters, says Dobrindt, the auxiliary forces would work under extremely difficult conditions. The situation was “extremely stressful” for them.

For the cause of the accident it was still not possible to secure something to say: “Any speculation is ruled out,” said Dobrindt. As the flight recorder so far could not be evaluated can not be said what had happened in the last eight minutes before the collision on board the aircraft.

12.42 Clock: 72 German victims

German Wings CEO Winkelmann at the press conference in Cologne: Among the victims are 72 German and 35 Spaniards. Questions of the journalists present can Winkelmann not.

12.32 clock: German Wings: care of the bereaved has priority

In Cologne has started the press conference of German Wings. CEO Thomas Winkelmann says, taking care of the bereaved “is our top priority.” Yet you have not yet to contact all families. It’ll work. All stakeholders to benefit from psychological support. German Wings will offer on Thursday two special flights to southern France, so that civilians could get to the crash site

12.25 clock – Berlin tribute to the victims. Approximately 120 to 150 people in the Berlin Cathedral arrived to commemorate the victims of the plane crash in France. They sit distributed throughout the room – there are a lot more than usual for lunch devotions. The organ plays “Are you with me.” Some people have started playing tears in his eyes as the organ. Preacher Thomas Müller says: “The crash of the German Wings machine in France leaves us stunned back – also because at the situation is so familiar, because we ourselves have been sitting on the plane from Spain, have participated in the student exchange The shocked us -. even if we are not concerned itself “

12.21 clock. Spanish Prime Minister arrived in Marseille

The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at the airport in Marseille a few arrived minutes. He is, according to French security circles with the car on the way to Seyne, where he held a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande will hold around 14am. Merkel and Hollande by helicopter towards the Alps and want to make it your own picture of the devastating disaster. To 14am will look at the Supermarket “Intermarket” in Seyne citizens of Spain, France and Germany. In the small village in the Alps is currently being prepared everything for the press conference with the Government

12.05 clock – prayer for the victims of the plane crash. At noon, should the Berlin Cathedral, a prayer for start the victims of the crash of flight 4U9525. You can also register for nine clock in the condolence book, which also can pick up in the cathedral

12.08 clock. Relatives of the victims are expected in Marseille

On Marseille airport meet today during the day, the families and relatives of the victims of the unfortunate German Wings machine. Employees of the small German Consulate General in Marseilles take care of the German mourners. Embassy staff asked for peace and respect for the families. You have difficult days ahead. The salvage operations can continue because of the bad weather and difficult terrain in the Alps to over the weekend also

11.52 clock. Lufthansa CEO: “We want something never, never experience again”

Lufthansa employees and the subsidiary German Wings have thought on Wednesday morning with a minute of silence for victims of the plane crash in France. The minute’s silence was held at 10.53 clock, the time when the Tuesday of the contact of the air traffic control was stopped at the German Wings Airbus. Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr said in Frankfurt am Main to “a very emotional moment.” It is inexplicable that a crash could “technically perfect” plane with two experienced pilots, Spohr said. Lufthansa Chief Financial Officer Simone Menne said at a small memorial service for employees subsequent to the minute of silence: “We want something never, never see again.” These were “difficult days, if not the hardest day for Lufthansa.” Many employees were terminated after the devastating crash their holiday, among them the chairman Wolfgang Mayrhuber

11.46 clock. In Marseille Angela Merkel is now expected

The weather in Marseille is very poor. Gale, decent rain and thick cloud cover. But the presidential helicopter, the right to a restricted area of ​​the airport Marseille-Provence are now ready and waiting for Angela Merkel, Francoise Hollande and Mariano Rajoy.

11.28 Clock: headmaster: “Somewhere parents still have hoped”

Ulrich Wessel, director of the Joseph King High School in brackets has learned on Tuesday shortly Ago 14 clock of NRW Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft, that students and teachers of his school were on the passenger list of the crashed aircraft. Before that he had not yet able to receive information, the parents of the children: “German Wings made tight, the lines at the Foreign Office were overloaded,” says Wessel, “and somewhere the parents still have hoped.” Wessel it was who brought the news of the death of her children for many parents. “Such a moment, I do not need a second time in my life. Parents to give the news that a plane crashed with their children and that there is probably no survivors there,” he says.

Earlier, the school principal described at the press conference in brackets, as the school had sent on Tuesday a week ago “16 young men and two young cheerful teachers traveling”. “At our school, nothing will be as it was,” he says now. But the compassion now applies particularly to parents, grandparents and relatives all the children and teachers, and he mentioned again the young colleague who has been married for six months. Wessel also thanks again for the support and then says: “In the head of the disaster has arrived, but until I have understood correctly, this will still take

11.15 clock. Löhrmann” We can only try to share the pain “

The North Rhine-Westphalian Education Minister Sylvia Löhrmann (Green) came into Joseph King High School in brackets at the lake in the early morning and in the . has lost crash 16 students and two young teachers Löhrmann which itself is a teacher, speaks at the press conference – which, however, does not take place in high school – a “very terrible tragedy” Actually, she says, she would have already come on Tuesday, however. the headmaster had wished that you first consult with the teaching staff, as the school as teachers and students to deal with misfortune.

“The pain about the incredible loss no power of people to the families the victim take, “says Löhrmann, the stand even the tears in his eyes. “We can only try to share the pain and hope of the common parts a little comfort can grow.” At eleven clock is also a first mourning meeting held in the school with all students, Löhrmann also asks again for your understanding that students, parents and teachers come together shielded from the public and the media. “This is so terrible that you can not imagine the.”

Quite a lot of people would now ask what they can do and would like to show their sympathy, says Löhrmann. Therefore, there would be in North Rhine-Westphalia on Thursday at 10.53 clock a minute’s silence. At this time there had been on Tuesday radio contact with flight 4U9525 last

10.53 clock. Bundeswehr offers help

The Bundeswehr has the French authorities offered their support if help is needed at the crash site of the German Wings machine. “We are, of course, our possibilities and capabilities, if we are asked,” a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday in Berlin. This could include transferring the corpses to Germany. For this purpose, the dead must first be identified, however, said the spokesman. The Bundeswehr also has other material and human resources that could be helpful on site may – Helicopter about or mountain troops

10.30 clock: None of booked Airlines

Despite the crash of the German Wings Maker in southern France occur most passengers the airline on their flight. “We have had no evidence of significant cancellations before,” said a spokesman for the German Wings German Press Agency on Wednesday. This is also true for others – not affected – airlines. Air Berlin also recorded claims to be no apparent numbers of cancellations

10.01 clock. Air Berlin and TUIfly help German Wings

Air Berlin and TUIfly support daughter the competing Lufthansa Group German Wings with machines and crews as to fly not currently see some of the crew of German Wings able. “German Wings is now eleven aircraft primarily by other airlines such as Lufthansa, Air Berlin and TUIfly to about 40 flights a,” it said in a press release. In the canceled flight, there were a flight from London Stansted to Cologne. All other flights would take place – whether it be estimated between 200 and 300.

9.34 Clock: German Wings sweeps only one flight

In the airline German Wings has been initially omitted only one air on Wednesday, because pilots will not fly again after the accident on Tuesday. That said a spokeswoman for the German Wings parent company Lufthansa in Frankfurt am Main. At Lufthansa therefore no connection fails for this reason. Previously, it was said that more flights would fail

9.31 clock. Crash area

The rescue of the victims of German Wings crash is about the size of two football fields after assessment of the police chiefs of the region are very difficult. “We are here in the mountains,” Police General David Galtier said on Wednesday. “The important thing is to secure the area and to recover the bodies.” A total of 500 were French forces on the ground. The area around the crash was about the size of two football fields, he added. An Interior Ministry spokesman said about 50 special forces were on foot to the accident. They were broken up in the evening and had bivouacked in the night, he explained in Seyne-les-Alpes. “They wanted to take any chances. The conditions are very difficult.” When the victim can be salvaged, is unclear.

9.30 Clock: Lufthansa: World of Silence

The Lufthansa Group has called on his staff, on Wednesday at 10.53 clock with a minute of silence for the victims of Germanwings to commemorate the crash. At that time the Airbus subsidiary of Lufthansa German Wings had crashed with 150 people on board in the French Alps on Tuesday. In the wake of the global minute of silence will Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr submit a media statement in the Frankfurt headquarters

8.55 clock. Transportation Committee Chairman promises rigorous education

The Chairman of the Transport Committee in the Bundestag, Martin Burkert, promises a rigorous investigation of the accident. “We will question everything. It’s about the maintenance plans. It is a question of working hours of pilots and crew,” he said on ARD. The recovery of the remains of the crashed Airbus can last a very long time. The French Interior Ministry expects days or weeks. The Agency for Technical Relief (THW) even assumes that it could take years. “I have known plane crashes, where all the debris were assembled like a puzzle in 3D again in a huge hall,” said THW President Albrecht Brömme. So a puzzle would last two to three years

8.30 clock. Paris does not go from terrorist attack

The French government is not a terrorist attack as the cause of the crash of the Airbus machine Lufthansa subsidiary German Wings from. It would indeed detected in all directions, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Wednesday the radio station RTL. However, a terrorist attack is not the most likely hypothesis. Should help shed the evaluation of the black box now found. This was indeed damaged, but could provide clues to the cause of the crash still

8.15 clock. Chancellor visits crash site

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is to today 13 clock at Marseille airport expected. She then continues to fly by helicopter to the crash site of the German Wings flight 4U9525 in the southern French Alps, it was from government.

8.13 Clock: German Wings strokes numerous flights

The Lufthansa airline subsidiary German Wings sweeps for today number of flights, “It is irregularities give,” said a spokeswoman for the Airline on Wednesday. “There’s crew colleagues who do not want to fly in the current situation, but we also have understanding.” But the spokeswoman could not make any more precise information on the number of connections affected. On Tuesday it had come after the disaster to each flight cancellations. German Wings CEO Thomas Winkelmann said the management had understanding of the decision of the pilot. The spokesman for the pilots’ union Cockpit, Jörg Handwerg, dismissed speculation that there was in the pilot safety concerns. “This has nothing to do with security,” said Handwerg in ARD “Morning Magazine”. It deaths of colleagues and friends. This “emotionally strong” burden that it would be better not to get on a plane

7.50 clock. “Yesterday we were many Today we are alone.”

In the Westphalian holders, the first students and teachers in the morning arrived at the affected school. 16 classmates and two teachers of Joseph King High School were aboard the misfortune machine that crashed over the French Alps. Since the evening more and more candles had been lit on the school steps, on Wednesday morning was burning on the steps of a sea of ​​lights. A sign reading “Yesterday we were many Today we are alone.” Stands in the schoolyard at a table tennis table leaning

7.45 clock. Box damaged

The flight recorder found in the French Alps is corrupt according to the authorities. This was reported on Wednesday from the environment of investigators. The box in which it constitutes the voice recorder of the Airbus A320 will, for assay to Paris

7.10 clock. Lufthansa takes German Wings flights

Lufthansa also waiting for first clues about the cause of the accident. From the perspective of the airline there was this morning still nothing new, said a spokesman in Frankfurt. The airline was dependent on the investigations of experts of the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation and their French counterparts. This should probably start work on Wednesday morning. Flight operations at Lufthansa will run as scheduled on Wednesday, the spokesman explained. In German Wings get it but as Tuesday to individual flight cancellations because some crew members did not feel fit to fly. Lufthansa will try to take as many German Wings connections

7.06 clock. “Everything is pulverized”

The force of the impact has the misfortune machine German Wings have burst on the authority of rescue workers in the smallest debris. “Everything is pulverized. You can tell them apart anymore. You see nothing, you can not even see an airplane in it,” said Fire Department Lieutenant Éric Sapet the French newspaper “Le Monde” at the sight at the crash site in the French Alps. The local politician Richard Bertrand from the nearby village of Vernet said: “The greatest thing I could see was the size of a car fender, not more.”

6.40 clock: weather conditions for salvage crews ago Location better than expected

At the crash site in the French Alps, the salvage work early Wednesday morning has continued. Without snow, rain or strong winds, the weather conditions were reportedly French media better than initially feared for rescue teams and helicopters. The key starting point in the region is inaccessible crash Seyne-les-Alpes. From the town of about 1,200 inhabitants, more than 300 police officers and 380 firefighters should operate

6.20 clock. According to “New York Times” voice recorder found

The “New York Times” reported that it is found the flight recorders from the misfortune machine is the voice recorder from the cockpit. The Recorder will record conversations of the pilots and all the sounds from the cockpit, as well as alarm signals.

6.00 Clock: German experts traveling to France

Three experts from the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation in Braunschweig are on their way to southern France to investigate the accident. You want to see with French colleagues that all debris are found or the aircraft may be broken up in the air

5.40 clock. forces gather at the scene of the accident

At the crash site, the forces gather to take their work to the hard to reach crash site again. On the causes of one of the worst disasters in the history of German aviation is still not known. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected 14 clock at the site of the crash. She wants to meet there the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and French President François Hollande

5.20 clock. Also, British, Australian and Japanese among the victims

Among the 150 people on board the crashed plane were German Wings probably victim from the UK, Denmark, Australia, Israel, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. It was “likely” that some Britons have been in the Airbus A320, said British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. Below is probably also a woman and her baby from the North of England. He did not want to speculate on the total number of British victims

According to the Danish Foreign Ministry also a Danish citizen was killed -. More information on the identity did not exist initially. According to Colombian Foreign Ministry in Bogotá, a man and a woman from the South American country died. Also, two Argentines were traveling in crashed plane, said a diplomat of the Argentine Embassy in Paris. Two other victims believed to originate from Mexico. We stand with the Spanish and French authorities contacted to investigate appropriate references, BelTA learned from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, a woman and her adult son out of the state of Victoria in the machine.

‘ve According to Israeli media reports, was among the dead and a 39 year old Israeli businessman who in recent years I lived in Barcelona.

On board were two Japanese. This was confirmed by the government in Tokyo on Wednesday, as the Japanese news agency Kyodo reported. (with AP / RTR / AFP)


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