Saturday, August 22, 2015

Volvo chief warns against underestimating Google and Apple in the automotive sector – Heise Newsticker

Håkan Samuelsson is since 2012 CEO of the Volvo Car Corporation in Sweden

(Photo: Volvo).

car manufacturers would be well advised if they are not ridiculed the engagament outside the sector financially strong corporations in developing novel cars from above. That says Håkan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo

Unlike many peers the Volvo chief advocates to be as new competitors for automakers wary of Apple and Google. “I think, one should not underestimate. If they show serious interest in the car market, of course you should be prepared to see them as competitors. ” Behind these companies put a lot of money.

Google has already developed a self-propelled car. According to media reports Apple is working on its own electric vehicle. Samuelsson says Volvo will pursue the ambitions of the financially strong industry newcomers attentive. Fear of being overrun unawares by the fresh competition, you have not: “It’s not as easy to build cars.” ( dpa >) / (PSZ)


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