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Retirement Abroad: Where it attracts more and more pensioners – T-Online

to retire by the sea and in the sun enjoy: This desire obviously is at a premium. The number of German foreign retirees increases. Which country is your desired destination, according to an article which has “Welt am Sonntag” (“doublet”) determined GfK market research company

Just under a quarter of Germans want to pull a pensioner abroad -. On prefer to Spain. This, the study found, for which GfK surveyed 1498 citizens between 14 and 64 years.

The ten most popular countries for a residence abroad during the annuity accordingly:

1. Spain 39.9 percent
. 2 France 11.3 percent
. 3 USA 10.7 percent
. 4 Switzerland 10.4 percent
. 5 Austria 7.4 percent
. 6 Thailand 7.3 percent
. 7 Italy 4.6 percent
. 8 UK 4.1 percent
. 9 Turkey 3.3 percent
10th Greece 1.3 percent

Prepare to emigrate in retirement abroad?

The reality is different

These figures differ markedly from those of German pensioners who already live abroad. 168,000 German currently relate old-age or disability pensions outside the Federal territory, reported the “doublet” and relies on information from the German Pension Fund. Of them would almost 22,000 – and therefore the most – live in Switzerland. This was followed by the USA with 20,962, Austria with 15,773 and Spain with 15,050 pensioners from Germany

The general trend to emigrate in old age, however, is a fact. The number of German nationals in the home for retirement, refer disability pension, has risen by less than two percent, according to German Pension Insurance from 2008 to 2014. The number of Germans who the remuneration can be remitted abroad, has grown on the other hand in the same period by 18 percent.

Younger emigration may rather imagine

The craze for emigration is however more pronounced in younger people than in people who are in fact close to retirement: Of the 30 to 39 almost every third wants olds, according to the GfK survey spend their retirement abroad. Of the 60- to 64-year-olds, however, is only one in eight

There is also in the target selection clear differences between the sexes. Men prefer France and Switzerland, and to a lesser extent Thailand. Whereas women want rather to Austria, in the USA and Italy. Only Spain is popular with both men and women.


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