Saturday, August 22, 2015

25 MPs return Tsipras back – THE WORLD

in the Greek parliament have separated 25 deputies of the left wing of the hitherto ruling Syriza on Friday and formed a separate parliamentary group. Head of the group will be the leader of the former left wing Syriza party, Panagiotis Lafazanis. The name of the new group would be people Unit (LAE), it was

The new faction in the Athens parliament, making it the third strongest force in parliament -. After the Syriza with now only 124 deputies, and the conservative New Democracy (ND) with 76 deputies. As the German Press Agency found out from circles of the so-called rebels, want to quickly set up a new Left Party under the same name, the renegade deputies. Tsipras had given the previous day in a televised speech announced his retirement. The Greek people must decide whether they approve of the actions of his government in the negotiations with the creditors, he said.

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