Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ritter Sport is planning cocoa plantation: Rising prices for hazelnuts and cocoa … – ABC Online

Saturday, 08.22.2015, 18:40
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It is not a good year for hazelnuts and cocoa. This is driving the prices up. Ritter Sport is now planning its own cocoa plantation. Bad news for chocolate fans. Because that snacking may soon be really expensive.

The Chocolate manufacturer Ritter Sport complains of the hazelnut crop failure last year. This could have unwelcome consequences. Because the company is considering an increase in chocolate prices for: “Due to the large crop failure last year and the increased global demand is the hazelnut price recently exploded,” the knight-Sport managing director Andreas Ronken told the Stuttgarter Zeitung

<. h2> Ritter Sport is planning its own cocoa plantation

Currently, the contractor must, due to the world market price for nuts put away about 25 to 30 million additional costs. The solution: Install self cocoa. In Nicaragua, the company will operate the third largest cocoa plantation in the world. The company wants to use modern means of obtaining cocoa: “We want to demonstrate that you can grow cocoa on a large scale, namely sustainable without child labor and decent working conditions. This includes our proprietary harvester, with which we open the fruit, remove the cocoa beans and ferment can, “Ronken said according to the report. The first harvest, there will be the 2017th

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What does this mean for a sweet tooth?

Consumers should expect sport with a price increase in spite of the ambitious plans of knights. Because against the backdrop of rising costs, the company can according “an increase of Chocolate prices and the folding of the costs to consumers not rule.”

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