Saturday, April 30, 2016

Public service: negotiating parties agree on substantial pay rise – Times Online

The more than 2.1 million employees of the Civil Service of the Federation and municipalities are to receive a wage increase of a total of 4.75 percent in the next two years. Then, the tips have agreed by unions and employers in Potsdam. This year, the salaries are retroactively from 1 March again rise by 2.4 percent and in a further step 1 February 2017 2.35 percent. The unions had originally demanded six percent more money in a term of twelve months.

The agreement was reached in the third round of negotiations, which began on Thursday. After the bodies of the municipal employers and the federal officials dbb also agreed with the Federal Tariff Commission of Ver.di.

The two sides agreed on a new charging system for municipal employees. This should be regulated, with which jobs and skills an employee is classified in which pay band. However, the new classification is no worse position. Many are likely to do directly benefit from a higher remuneration. To compensate for the additional costs, it should however be in the years to losses at the 13th level, the so-called annual special.

In addition, the package provides for higher contributions for employers and employees to a company pension before when the respective municipal pension fund suffers financial difficulties. Spread over three years is provided by 0.4 percentage points this according to reports from negotiating circles for employees and employer contribution increases.

midweek Ver.di had paralyzed by strikes much of the air traffic in Germany. were on strike in the past two weeks and kindergartens, public transportation, administrative and waste collections. The resentment had been directed primarily against the first offer the employer. This saw increases of three percent distributed prior to two years. Ver.di and the Civil Service Association dbb had complained that such an increase associated with a decline in real wages since the salaries should be raised in two stages in each case on 1 June.


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