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Food: Family quarrel escalated at Aldi – RP ONLINE

food. Babette Albrecht and their children are to sell, calls the other strain. By Reinhard Kovalevsky

In the power struggle for the retail group Aldi Nord founder’s son Theo Albrecht, Jr. tries to urge his brother Berthold’s widow and their five children from the company. We put this close to surrender their shares in the company, reported the “mirror”. Informed circles confirm this. The family’s lawyer, Andreas Urban of the Düsseldorf firm Heuking Kühn Luer Wojtek, explains over our editorial: “The Berthold Albrecht family does not intend to withdraw from the business you is for Grandfather, father and husband built companies..”

the dispute in 2010 has begun. As one of the two sons of founder Theo Albrecht Berthold Albrecht was seriously ill, he agreed to an amendment of a family foundation, which would have given his brother Theo Junior and Aldi management right big impact. But after Berthold died in late 2012, fought after some time widow Babette Albrecht the new statutes to -. As a result have since January, she and her five children back in control in this foundation

The more bitter attacks Theo junior the fun-loving Babette to now. It is “a burden for our company and for everything for which our company is”, is in a letter, according to “mirror”. Babette replied, the statements of Theo and his mother Cecily had to malice can not be beat, and served only the purpose to seize the power in the company. One bar is not unreasonable lifestyle, says ‘The Mirror’ further in correspondence of the feuding family members

According to “FAZ” Babette and her children received in recent years, around 100 million euros from the company funds -. A lot of money measured at Aldi sales but rather little. You pay, would be much more expensive – unless the true goodwill would be refunded. So far, the Statute of the Foundation looks but before that there is only a very low compensation at the only possible sale in the family

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